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Pollyanna Fandub (Melee/Brawl Version)
Dirty Pollyanna
Espaço Ricardo Magalhães - Vivendo e Aprendendo - Entrevista Pollyanna Passos Bessa sobre Massagem com Pedras Quentes
Instantaneous Response: Cover your ears Pollyanna
Pollyanna Part 9
LUAN SANTANA - Gécika Rabbit Janaina Galdino e Pollyanna
Pollyanna (EarthBound Zero/Mother) - Daigasso! Band Brothers
Adonai - Musica Adventista - Pollyanna Sampaio
Pollyanna penna - Negro Gato
Earthbound Zero (Mother) Pollyanna on Mario Paint Composer
Pollyanna Pale Grey Eyes
Pollyanna Woodward TGBBQ
Sick of the Law - Pollyanna
Pollyanna's Mandalay (Maddy)
Bruno Pronsato live PA @ Sunday Pollyanna 7/22/07, Chicago
Pollyanna - A New Home
Pollyanna Baliza - Você está Preparado?
pollyanna cunha poranga
A Half up Hairstyle No Pins Neccessary (Pollyanna Knot)
Pollyanna Part 3
osu! b365 - Pollyanna (Hard + Taiko)
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Pollyanna Creep
Sleepy Pollyanna
Family Pollyanna
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Interview: Pollyanna McInsosh, Actress

What sort of school pupil were you? Curious and outspoken. As a teen it depended on the subject and teacher. I questioned their methods a fair bit... maybe I was a wee pain sometimes. What has been your most unusual job? The last movie I shot, The Woman. I ... Source: Edinburgh News

SARK's new book: 'Glad No Matter What'

I write about my faults and flaws extensively, but it's all in bright colors, so people think I'm always joyful, like Disney or Pollyanna," SARK said, instructing me to sit and lounge. Forced relaxation can lead to genuine relaxation, she advises. Source: San Francisco Gate

Loophole on legislative contributions may close

Maybe I'm just a Pollyanna," she said. Utah does not limit the amount of money candidates can receive. Chavez-Houck's bill follows the limits proposed by former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.'s Commission on Strengthening Utah's Democracy, including the $5,000 ... Source: ksl.com

Should 6-year-old go on a trip without mom?

I'm told he wanted to read it every day and that it really helped. The trick is to not to be a Pollyanna, not to falsely say you won't miss him or vice versa, but to acknowledge there will be some sad feelings and show that there are ways to cope. Source: Boston Globe

Live in Pacifica — it's Saturday night Durst

Pacifica is an undiscovered little jewel. Everybody knows that. They don't need me to tell them. Pollyanna would contract diabetes. Norman Rockwell would take one look around Pacifica, slowly shake his head, and say out loud, 'No. I don't think so.'" Source: San Jose Mercury News

Development officials tackle biz issues

People have this Pollyanna view of how things can get done, but I would encourage you to go to a town board meeting and see how things are really done,” Penman said. New York and Albany’s deep-rooted and well-documented dysfunction took center stage ... Source: Birmingham Business Journal

Web Analysts Back Code of Ethics Amid Privacy Concerns

You can accuse us of being Pollyanna about it, but we hope that people will take this to heart,” he said, in part because “it’s about the long-term health of our sector.” The online-data industry has faced questions in recent months about privacy concerns. Source: Wall Street Journal

For a Filmmaker, the Green Things in Life Are Free

For Jean-Michel Frodon, a French movie critic, Yann Arthus-Bertrand is an undisputed celebrity who used his reputation to make “Home,” a “pretty and Pollyanna-ish movie.” “ ‘Home’ had many viewers but didn’t have much echo,” Mr. Frodon ... Source: New York Times

Oscar nominee and Oscar snubbed 'Inception' director Christopher Nolan: Good day or bad day?

Behold Christopher Nolan, Oscar snub of the year. Maybe I’m being pollyanna. Maybe I’m demonstrating exactly how ignorant I am about Academy culture and politics. Do you see it differently? Christopher Nolan: Oscar blessed or unjustly snubbed? Source: Entertainment Weekly Online

Nameberry: Freckle-faced names Polly, Peggy and Penny

Though livelier than Molly, Polly never achieved the comeback that her cousin did, perhaps because she sounds too Pollyanna-ish. Associations: Sally (born Sarah) Hemings, Sally Field, Sally Ride, Sally ("Mad Men") Draper, Sally (Cabaret) Bowles, "When ... Source: Raleigh News & Observer