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Pug Puppy Bath
Dj Vadim - Pugs Atomz Saturday official video
The Pug Head Tilt
Pug walking puppy in stroller
Pug on crack
Pugs not Drugs- Pug Warz
pugs 101
Very Funny Dogs !!! Pug Compilation Plz leave a comment :)
Pug Breeder in Petworth UK
Pug Fight
pregnant snoring pug named cootchie
labrador & pugs
Seven Pugs at the Park
Pugs Snoring
Pugs at play
Picking a Pug Puppy (or Puppies)
loonies in the boonies! pugs rv jump makes it to tv
Closeup details of pugs motorhome damage
Screaming Pug Rocket!!!
The Last Pug Puppy Video
Very Excited Pug Version 2
Giants Baseball Rally Pugs
After Pug's motorhome jump, david's view
How to Win at Pugs and Gearscore (WoW Machinima)
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A Pile of Pugs
potted pugs
i kissed pugs :D
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Coolbluedog.com Announces Launch of Online Retail Store Specializing in Apparel for English Bulldogs ...

“You see these breeds everywhere these days. They are incredibly popular with celebrities: Adam Sandler, Brad & Angelina, Andy Roddick, John Legend, Beth Ostrosky Stern, Mario Lopez, Martha Stewart, and Paris Hilton just to name a few”, Ms. Cuce states ... Source: PRWeb

National team pugs raring to take Albania's place

MANILA, Philippines - The Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines expects the current members of the national women’s team to step up and fill in the void left by the veteran internationalist Annie Albania as the ABAP seeks to qualify a female ... Source: Philippine Star Online

17 Cebu pugs to vie in ABAP national tilt

CEBUANO amateur boxers gear up for the National Championships of the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines (ABAP) in Cagayan de Oro City from January 22-28, 2011. Eight fighters from Team Cebu City will vie in the championships against other ... Source: Global Nation

Woof, Woof!!!!! I'm Baking Doggie Cookies Tonight!!!!!

Well, I finally got busy and decided I've put it off long enough.....making doggie treats for our very spoiled Labradoodle, Puddles!!! They are rather expensive in the pet stores and I just decided I wanted to try my hand at making them myself. I got a ... Source: Gather.com

How to Be Taken Seriously as a Reformer (Don't Be an Educator)

In the current upside-down world of education policy, there's one foolproof strategy for being taken seriously as a reformer: Make sure you're not an educator. Urban districts nationwide, with Chicago leading the way, have hired those with business or ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Report: Electric Rolls-Royce limo in the works?

2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost – Click above for high-res image gallery The Daily Mail reports that Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, Rolls-Royce's chief executive officer, recently said that the automaker considers an "alternatively fueled experimental" model to be a ... Source: autoblog

More animals ran into trouble on Delta flights last year

The Delta incidents, including those on Delta Connection regional flights,  involved several bulldogs and pugs that died during transit, along with other types of dogs  and animals that ran into trouble during their travels. According to Delta reports to ... Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Colombian company cancels planned puppy raffle in response to outcry from animal advocates

Comcel had previously announced that it would give away 200 purebred puppies -- Labrador retrievers, boxers, pugs, beagles and shih-tzus, according to Bloomberg News -- through the raffle that ends next week. It will now offer debit cards as prizes instead ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Pet Points: Hefty pets need resolutions on diet and exercise, too

Also, pets, much like humans, can have difficulty breathing with all the extra weight, especially the "pushed-in-face" breeds, such as pugs, Boston terriers and English bulldogs. Overweight cats are at huge risk for developing diabetes mellitus, which ... Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Hey, let 'em all in

Let 'em in. As Hedley Lamarr would have said, the mugs, pugs and thugs. The nitwits, halfwits, and dimwits. And, yes, Baseball Hall of Fame voters, the cheaters, whispered and openly suspected and proven. There is no best way to sort our way out of the ... Source: Times Union