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The Who Play Quadrophenia - Bell Boy - TCT Royal Albert Hall 30/03/2010
The Who - Drowned 1973
Mods in the Midlands
Quadrophenia - Mark Ellis's 5 seconds of fame!
The Who - 5.15 from Quadrophenia live at Royal Albert Hall 2010.mp4
Quadrophenia 1979-Jimmy`s Depression
Quadrophenia Rideout - His Majesty's Theatre Aberdeen
The Who - Bell Boy 1996
Runescape Clan Wars #1 --Quadrophenia
NEW PROJECT DESIGNS // Quadrophenia Movie Trailer
The Who - 5:15 (2000)
Katelyn's Kause '09 / Bridges to Quadrophenia / Baba O'Reily
QUADrophenia Spills
I Am The Sea / The Real Me / Quadrophenia
Sc2 HD - Bulova vs Quadrophenia TvP 2/3
TUTUKA! & DELFINO FLOW en Neuquen 2010 - Quadrophenia Producciones
Quadrophenia live at EMC - Time (With Breathe Reprise)
Teac X-2000R reel-to-reel playing Quadrophenia
The Who - The Dirty Jobs
Quadrophenia !
Demo Quadrophenia
The Rock - The Who - Royal Albert Hall
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Kickan (Quadrophenia)
Quadrophenia - The Who
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Unpacking Jared Lee Loughner

The Southern Poverty Law Center presents itself as a watchdog monitoring the political extremes, and a large portion of the press takes that pose at face value, despite decades of evidence that the group's real specialties are fundraising and fearmongering ... Source: Reason.com

Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver Take Eel Off The Menu

Chefs Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are making a menu change. They both served European eel at some of their restaurants while taking part in campaigns to highlight overfishing and have been called out as fish hypocrites . European eel was listed as an ... Source: Luxist

Video: The Who Rock With Jeff Beck, Debbie Harry and Bryan Adams At Benefit Gig

The Who played their first gig in nearly a year last night at London Hammermsith's Odeon. The headlining set, which raised money for the charity Killing Cancer , also featured performances by Jeff Beck, Bryan Adams and Debbie Harry. All of the performers ... Source: Rolling Stone

Musicians ‘band’ together for Schoolhouse Museum

In addition, Jim Gibney performed The Chieftains’ Celtic version of "Behind Blue Eyes." Andy Meyer’s Misfits did "Quadrophenia," and Sofka’s band played a Tommy tribute. "This is the first time we had a themed format, and already the musicians are ... Source: NorthJersey.com

The new Brighton Music Hall is ready to roll

but was drawn to the May 1964 battle of mods versus rockers at the English seaside resort town of Brighton, as profiled in Quadrophenia . “There’s the connection to the UK, the whole mods-and-rockers thing, it’s on Brighton Avenue, and it has a cool ... Source: Boston Phoenix

Hanging around now offers some new highs

They have names like “The Quadrophenia” and “Whale Watch,” and some of them can only be conquered 40 feet in the air. There will be a total of six new challenges — three high-element and three low-element — all designed for either team building ... Source: Gillette News Record

PJ Harvey reveals 'Let England Shake''s political inspiration – video

PJ Harvey has given a rare interview to NME in which he she discussed her new album's political inspiration. In the video interview, above, Harvey opened up about 'Let England Shake' being motivated by the ongoing conflicts in the world. Asked about the ... Source: NME

Sussex rockers remember south coast battles of 1964

The fighting between the Mods and the Rockers over the Whitsun weekend in May 1964, not only hit the headlines at the time, but has continued to fascinate, becoming the backdrop to films such as Quadrophenia and the recent remake of Brighton Rock. Source: BBC

Brighton Rock: stepping into the black-and-white world of Pinkie and Rose

Revisiting Brighton after hearing about the new film version of Brighton Rock , I was walking along the seafront when a horse-drawn hearse – the sort often used in gangland send-offs – clip-clopped past. Its glass bier was coffinless and I had the ... Source: Daily Telegraph

Stop Stalking Me - join the debate

Imagine you were being constantly threatened and abused by someone who wouldn't leave you alone. And no-one believed you. Stalking affects an estimated two million people in Britain a year, most of them women. In Stop Stalking Me, Panorama tells the ... Source: BBC