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well sometimes i get the menstrual cramps real hard
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Raising Arizona
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Raising Arizona
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Raising Arizona
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Raising Arizona
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Raising Arizona
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Woman accused of raising stolen baby due in court

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A North Carolina woman who raised a child snatched from a New York hospital more than two decades ago was scheduled to appear Monday in federal court to face kidnapping charges. Ann Pettway surrendered Sunday morning to the FBI and ... Source: msnbc.com

Graham urged not to back raising Social Security age

On Jan. 2, in response to a question about raising the debt ceiling, Graham mentioned adjusting the Social Security age as being among possible reforms to manage long-term debt. “I will not vote for the debt ceiling increase until I see a plan in place ... Source: The State

Ravens not raising ticket prices, no layoffs

One factor was the uncertainly over labor, for sure," Cass said. “And then we looked around the league, and there weren’t a lot of teams raising ticket prices this year. So, that was another factor. “Our fans have been tremendous for us. When you ... Source: YAHOO!

Health-care law: Arizona tries new approach to get by federal Medicaid rules

Since 2009, Arizona and other states have received tens of billions ... states also had the option of expanding that coverage with federal assistance by, for instance, raising the poverty threshold or including childless adults. Beginning in 2014, the ... Source: Washington Post

Arizona cyclists rally for Giffords' recovery

The shooting rocked Tucson and the nation, resulting in an outpouring of support for Giffords and the other victims that has taken the form of thousands of candles, cards, balloons and bouquets across the southern Arizona desert city. But for one segment ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Raising funds for refugees in Pakistan

Just before the Ludus Athletics models began parading down the runway at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, Vincent Cochetel, North America's representative to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, suggested people imagine an ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Documentary planned on robbers with Arizona ties

Mitchell escaped from two prisons, including one in Arizona, when he crawled through air vents ... two of the gang members at their Oak Creek Canyon home. The filmmakers are raising money to produce the documentary. Source: AZCentral.com

Manufactured arms crisis in Arizona

The questions that haunt me are: In a state often advertised in the popular media as "gun crazy," where no license is required for the carrying of concealed weapons, and we are led to believe every other person in Arizona totes a six-shooter on his hip ... Source: Washington Times

Tim Pawlenty: GOP Should Vote Against Raising Debt Ceiling, Then Pass Bill Preventing Default

But in a sign of how knotted the debate has become, the likely presidential candidate suggested that lawmakers pass additional legislation to prevent the government from defaulting -- the exact purpose of raising the debt ceiling in the first place. Source: Huffingtonpost.com

After Tucson, Can Arizona Mellow Its Wild West Image?

Will the Tucson massacre change Arizona? Perhaps, if an extraordinary event on Jan. 10 at the beginning of the state's legislative session last week is an indication. In the House of Representatives, Majority Leader Andy Tobin, a rural Arizona Republican ... Source: Time