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Bill Maher and Larry Charles interview religulous
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Religulous Gay Scene
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Religulous Review
The religulous are not crazy. (the video is meant to jolt)
The TRUTH about Religulous
movie trailer - Religulous 標叔出城之與神駁咀
McCain & Palin: Religulous & Dangerous (Part 2 of 2)
Religulous: Jesus Had A Jew Fro
TIFF '08: Religious Protesters rattle Real Talk's Bill Maher
Re: Review of Religulous.
Bill Maher's Religulous Part 3
Religulous w/Bill Maher - A Christian's Reaction Pt 1
Bill Maher and Larry Charles on The Hour with Strombo
Religulous Part 2
Religulous (now available on DVD)
Religulous movie review
I'm Religulous
Sightings of God (Irrefutable Proof)
Religulous Review
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Horus TShirt (front)
Persians 2
a good movie
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Michele Alliot-Marie, French Foreign Minister, Palestine Trip: Pelted With Eggs And Shoes

EREZ CROSSING, Gaza Strip — Dozens of Palestinians enraged by France's sympathy for an Israeli soldier held by Gaza militants ambushed the French foreign minister's motorcade in the Gaza Strip on Friday, pelting it with eggs and hurling a shoe that ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Bill Maher Quotes: Best Quotations & Sayings from HBO's Real Time Host

Bill Maher is a stand-up comedian, social critic, political commentator, author and television host of HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher . With all those titles, is there any question as to why he has some of the most ineresting, entertaining and funniest ... Source: Associated Content

Fox News Chaplain, Father Jonathan Morris, Sermonizes About "Sacrilegious" Doritos Ad

And now, he can thank Father Jonathan Morris, pastor of the parish otherwise known as Fox "News." It's all so "Religulous." Source: News Hounds

Sacha Baron Cohen will be The Dictator based on the novel "Push" by Saddam Hussein

Today I learned that amidst all his mustache growing and chemical warfare, Saddam Hussein took some time to write a novel. The book is called Zabibah and The King, and it's now being adapted into a feature film called THE DICTATOR set to star Sacha Baron ... Source: JoBlo.com

Borat’ Star Sacha Baron Cohen To Play Saddam Hussein In ‘The Dictator’

It’s being reported that Sacha Baron Cohen will be playing quite the interesting role in an upcoming movie: infamous Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein . The movie, which is fittingly titled The Dictator , is based on a book called Zabibah and the King . The ... Source: Geeksofdoom.com

The Dore of Preception

W hen he hears people describe fellow comedians Jon Stewart and Bill Maher as “liberal comics,” Jimmy Dore bristles. “They’re comedians,” he insists. “They tell jokes.” More than once on his Jimmy Dore Live radio show, as well as his podcast ... Source: Cincinnati CityBeat

Give Thanks for Bill Maher, Your 'Cranky Uncle'

(Newser) – The right loves to hate Bill Maher—and sometimes the left hates to love him. With his “prickly-pear” personality and his tendency to rile his audience—and not care in the slightest—“Maher is American punditry’s cranky uncle ... Source: Newser

Palin's words reach back to sordid history

NEW YORK — When Sarah Palin accused journalists and pundits of "blood libel" in the wake of the deadly Arizona shootings, she reached deep into one of medieval history's most sordid chapters to make her point. The term "blood libel" is not well known ... Source: Palm Beach Interactive

Bill Maher - Bill Maher Talks Arizona Shootings On Jay Leno Show

BILL MAHER, the American stand-up comedian, television host and social critic, appeared on last night's 'Tonight Show' with JAY LENO to give his opinion on the recent Arizona shootings in the US, reports Los Angeles Times. The 54-year-old, who was voted ... Source: Contactmusic.com

Media Boycott of Westboro Baptist Church Spurs Controversy

The planned media boycott that would effectively eliminate widespread coverage of members of the Westboro Baptist Church picketing funerals in order to promulgate their anti-gay agenda has surprisingly, to some, come under fire. In spite of the controversy ... Source: DAILY KOS