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Gerbil repo man
the Repo Man
sam the repo man
Repo Man 2
Shilo and Nathan Banner
Repo Man - Poster2
repo man 4
Nathan and Shilo So Much
Repo man
Unknown Repo Man
Repo Man
Repo Man
repo man
Repo Nathan
Repo Man Nathan
Repo Man
Repo Man Cover
repo man 3
repo man 2
Unknown Repo Man
Repo Man Siggy
Repo Man
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Ben Bernanke: The ‘Repo Man’ goes global

Back in October, after the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, the Associated Press reported that “The Federal Reserve is likely to take additional action to rejuvenate the economy and lower unemployment, an influential member of the central ... Source: Reuters Blogs

Forestdale man arrested after shooting at repo man, Jefferson County deputy says

A Forestdale man was arrested early today after authorities say he fired shots at a man who was repossessing his car. Jefferson County sheriff's deputies received a call at 4:22 a.m. reporting shots being fired in the 1000 block of Tower Drive. While they ... Source: Everything Alabama Blog

Vehicle reported stolen from repo man

OCALA - A repo man who had taken possession of a vehicle was surprised when the vehicle was later taken from him. Early Wednesday, a man working as an agent for S. Yanke Inc., a lien company, told a sheriff’s deputy he had repossessed a 2002 Chevy ... Source: Star-Banner

Man arrested for shooting at repo man

A Jefferson County man is behind bars for reportedly firing shots into the side of a "repo" truck. Travis Brown, 31, was is the suspected gunman. Around 4:22a.m. Thursday, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office received a call about gunshots being fired in ... Source: ABC 33/40 News

Resident threatens repo man with gun

LADERA RANCH – A man came out of a home in the 0 block of Wyeth Street and told a towing company driver, who was repossessing his car, that he was going inside and getting his gun. The complaint – assault with deadly weapon – was filed at 12:23 a.m ... Source: Orange County Register

Competition makes life more complicated for Sacramento-area repo men

But now, it's not fun. … Repos are getting harder." Olmstead is a second-generation repo man who has built a steady business tracking down deadbeat borrowers and towing their cars with his Ford 450 truck. But the repo industry – popularized by reality ... Source: Sacramento Bee

Police: Would-be thief posed as repo man, tried to take car

EVERETT, Wash. -- Miguel Galicia didn't want to see the repo man. But he thought that's who'd come to see him when his wife saw someone rummaging around in his car. "He said, 'I came to repossess your car, because you are late in some payments,'" said ... Source: KOMO News

Port Orchard man charged for threatening repo man

PORT ORCHARD — A 61-year-old Port Orchard man has been charged with first-degree attempted assault for allegedly pointing a gun at a repossession agent outside his house. The repo agent knocked on Harry Ross Shellenbarger's door Monday night and asked ... Source: Kitsap Sun

Repo men: The new face of reality TV

It's a show with real stakes involved," he said. The show brings to mind "Repo Man," the cult comedy flick from the 1980s starring Emilio Estevez as a suburban punk who gets recruited into the often-hazardous job of repossessing cars. But unlike the movie ... Source: CNN Money

Exclusive: Jaclyn Jonet, the star of `Repo Chick`

Arriving more than 25 years after launching his directing career with the cult classic Repo Man , Alex Cox returns for a sort-of-sequel, Repo Chick . Unlike his 2008 comic book sequel, Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday (which followed up on Emilio Estevez's ... Source: CRAVE ONLINE