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Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington and Stephen Merchant caricatured live on GMTV
Ricky Ortiz (KE) Justin Wong (CH) vs Kuroda (Q) Hayao (HU)
Ricky Gervais The Fight 2002 part 4
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Ricky Sapp 250
Ricky III's Herpin Day Jan16 2011-San Diego
L Ricky
Rubio Ricky (163199)
ricky beach
Ricky III's Herpin Day Jan16 2011-San DiegoSlender Salamander
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Producers Guild Awards Host Judd Apatow Rips Into Ricky Gervais

Producers Guild Awards host Judd Apatow built his opening monologue around a profanity-laced attack on the way Ricky Gervais handled his Golden Globe Awards hosting chores a week earlier in the same room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. “What did you think ... Source: Hollywood Reporter

Judd Apatow, Host of Producers Guild Awards, Slams Ricky Gervais

One of Hollywood's busiest writer-director-producers, Judd Apatow ('The 40-Year-Old Virgin,' 'Superbad,' 'Knocked Up,' the upcoming 'Wanderlust') took on hosting duties Saturday night at the Producers Guild Awards in Los Angeles. Of course, the elephant in ... Source: Pop Eater

Ricky Gervais' Defenders Around the World

It's been a week since Ricky Gervais shocked Hollywood with a series of off-color and racy jokes at the Golden Globe Awards. Gervais' performance sparked debate over whether the British comedian really went over the line, or whether American audiences and ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Judd Apatow Slags Ricky Gervais, But Which Film Took Top Honors at the Producer's Guild Awards?

In the same room that Gervais skewered pretty much everyone at the Globes, Apatow didn't beat around the bush: "What did you think of Ricky Gervais?" he asked the crowd. "I didn't like him. I thought he was mean." Apatow really went after Gervais regarding ... Source: Entertainment Online

Producers Guild Awards 2011 host Judd Apatow slams Ricky Gervais; 'King's Speech' wins top prize

Yes, he was inappropriate when he talked about celebs' run-ins with the law. Prior to the un-televised ceremony, Apatow asked his Twitter fans for jokes that "they think are better than Ricky Gervais'," promising to read them and the joke writer's name at ... Source: New York Daily News

1/22: Ricky Gervais' next trick: 'An Idiot Abroad' documentary

Comedian Ricky Gervais savaged Hollywood at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards. This weekend, he's playing a different practical joke: sending his reluctant doofus pal on a worldwide trek in "An Idiot Abroad," a comedic travel documentary due Saturday, Jan. 22 ... Source: AZCentral.com

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send Karl Pilkington on global search for humor

It’s easy to dismiss the viral hubbub over Ricky Gervais’ recent Golden Globes hosting job. I thought it was great. He remains the funniest man on the planet. But anyone who thought his jabs at Hollywood stars were mean in that ridiculous setting ... Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune

Ricky Rubio, No. 5 N.B.A. Pick, Struggles in Europe

But Ricky Rubio set the bar high for himself with his precocious play. Along the way, he has won championships at every level. Rubio made his professional debut at 14 with DKV Joventut in the ACB league of Spain, mesmerizing spectators with his creativity ... Source: New York Times

Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight: Did He Cross the Line?

What does a news show do when a satirical British comedian is offered the job to host the 2011 Golden Globes and then manages to turn the occasion into a jaw dropping event all on his own? Why, you practically bust your syndicated behind just to get him in ... Source: Associated Content

Ricky Gervais kinda, sorta apologies about the Golden Globes: 'I hope no one was truly offended.'

Ricky Gervais went on Piers Morgan Tonight to say, “I don’t think i did anything wrong” during the Golden Globes, and that “you’ve got to be true to yourself.” Morgan provided Gervais with a glass of beer and promised, “We’re gonna get low ... Source: Entertainment Weekly