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RoboCop (Arcade part 1 of 3)
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RoboCop - Effects then and now
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ZX Spectrum: Robocop - LongPlay- Part one
DoneQuick RoboCop 2 NES part 2
RoboCop The Series Ending - Joe Walsh - A Future To This Life
Terminator vs. Robocop CAWS
Making ED-209
robocop ita#2(ricordi..)
RoboCop The Series 1x08 - Provision 22
Robocop Anti-Drug PSA
[Amstrad Cpc] Robocop intro music
Narco Corridos El Robocop _ Oscar Garcia 2010
Robocop 3 - SNES - Level 1
The Pack Feat. Tyga - Robocop
Robocop: Prime Directives moments #8
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RoboCop's head
Robocop's gun
Robocop 5
Robocop Steelbook US
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Severed leg turns cop to 'RoboCop'

Mike Thornton is one tough hombre. A friend who visited him said the San Antonio, Texas, police officer was laughing and joking Monday, just two days after his right leg was severed when a pickup truck crashed into his squad car. Thornton, 27, is calling ... Source: CNN (blog)

RoboCop App Lands On The AppStore For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

One of the most influential pop-cultural movies from the late 80s and early 90s is Paul Verhoeven’s ultra-violent action-thriller, RoboCop. Well, coming seemingly out of nowhere and paying homage to that great piece of movie cinema is an iOS app simply ... Source: Cinema Blend

Samsung Watched Too Much RoboCop

I may be a uniqu e case, but RoboCop 2 has left me largely traumatized and I would hope that those droids won't materialize in my life time. What do you do if a failing droid is in front of you and tells you have 5 seconds to surrender? You get shot, that ... Source: Tom's Guide

Plaxico Burress: worth signing?

This summer, Plaxico Burress will once again be a free man. And, a free agent. After serving a two-year prison sent ence on weapons charges, the former Giants wide receiver will be released and looking to renew his once-glistening NFL career. On Showtime ... Source: CBS Sports

A Senate crisis to interrupt bacon, eggs and grits

A late post, because – if you’re a member of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce – you might be interested in why your Eggs & Issues Breakfast will be so thinly attended Tuesday morning. Or why Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle might be a tad distracted during his ... Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

On the death of kitsch and nerd culture

To enjoy Picard-as-Blessing-Borg or James Woods as a Robocop (is he in the Judas position?), several things have to happen at once. And it’s only recently I have come to realize that not only do people not “get it” who are my age; there are also ... Source: Albany Times Union (blog)

Injured policeman also survived serious Iraq combat injuries

San Antonio Police Officer Michael Thornton just might become RoboCop incarnate. Other than scars on his hands, he'd fully recovered from burns he suffered after an improvised explosive device detonated near his Humvee in Iraq in 2006, said his wife ... Source: MySanAntonio

Camden, NJ, One Of America's Most Dangerous Cities, Lays Off Half Of Its Police Force

Budget pain hit home in Camden, N.J., on Tuesday, as nearly a sixth of city employees lost their jobs in one of America's most dangerous cities , AP reports. The layoffs are just the latest consequence of devastating budget strains that have crippled the ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Red-light cameras raise anxiety — and cash — but also reduce accidents

There never was much hope for such justice — until now. Robocop-cameras make sure law-abiding folks skate while meting out justice to violators. It is cool to see. But it doesn’t feel so wonderful when, because of happenstance, there could be the ... Source: Kansas City Star

Don’t try any funny stuff

Blog Guy, I am foreign person you help in the past , learning English as second language. Good morning. Good morning, foreign person. What can I do for you today? Please explain American expression, “adding insult to injury…” Ah, I guess that could b ... Source: Reuters Blogs