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robot koch - hard to find
RuBot II - The Rubik's cube solving robot.
Robot Rock - Daft Punk
Jet Packs and Robots : How to : Backyard FX
ABB Robotics - Picking and Packing stock cubes
Robot Emotions
Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy Edition
Create Teeny Tiny Solar Insect Robots
Robot Jox Part 1 of 8
Japan: Robot Nation: Vanguard
Creepy Child Robot
Astroboy (1980) - The Greatest Robot In The World (6of6)
Doctor Steel - Robots
Freaky Robots - Mitch's Bag
Windoro Window-Cleaning Robot Demo
Ash & Rajnikanth at The Robot Aka Enthiran Music Launch
Who Are These Robots??!!?!
Land Crawler eXtreme Locomotion Demo Video
Go Nagai Robots Family
KILLER ROBOT OF DEATH!! (1.2.10 - Day 247)
Defective Robot - Awesome 3d Animation by Rani Naamani
Real Transformer
Synchronized Robot Christmas Dance
High-Speed Robot Hand
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Robots smile to
Explosion attach Ace-R
Robots anim
Programming Our Robots
Never Cry
Muv-luv Alternate
Temjin Close up
Loved robots
lots of robots
Custom Robo
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Robots Take Over in This Week in GeekTech

University of Pennsylvania researchers managed to program a team of quadcopter drone bots to not only build structures, but to draw up the plans for them too--all the humans have to do is tell the robots what sort of thing to build This might be the most ... Source: PC World

Robots, guns, horses highlight Super Bowl security demonstration

Parking lot A at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington was a bad guy's nightmare on Friday, as officers from 12 law enforcement agencies -- including the FBI, ATF and ICE -- showed off the equipment they will use to secure Cowboys Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday. The ... Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

iRobot Spikes; You Can’t Ever Have Enough Robots, Can You?

I’m a sucker for iRobot (IRBT) . It starts with the name, which of course is a play on the great Isaac Asimov novels , from which came the famous Three Laws of Robotics . And then there’s the fact that they make the Roomba vacuum cleaner robots. Layer ... Source: Forbes (blog)

Robots' chat is all tech

HELLO HI THERE PS 122, 150 First Ave.; 212- 477-5829. Through Jan. 22. If the idea of watching two machines chatting to each other sounds exciting, then "Hello Hi There" is the show for you. Nirvana for computer geeks, this bizarre theater piece by Annie ... Source: New York Post

Lasers Control Nematode Worms Like Robots

Satirist Stephen Colbert envisions his “Colbert Nation” mentally marching in lockstep with his special brand of patriotism.  But scientists have done him one better, by creating tiny worm-bots completely under their control. Rather than comedic ... Source: Wired News

ROBOTS in San Antonio

Robots still seem to be a futuristic dream to most of us. Robots don't cut our lawns, fix our dinners or drive our cars for us. Robots have become a large part of lives, however, behind the scenes. They help make many of the things we use. Most assembly ... Source: MySanAntonio

Electric Fish Could Serve As Model for Underwater Robots

Research into how an electric fish squirts jets of water from its body could lead to exceptionally agile underwater robots, scientists say. The black ghost knifefish ( Apteronotus albifrons ) hunts and navigates in complete darkness at night in the Amazon ... Source: msnbc.com

Robots dazzle CES-goers with stunts, upgrades

LAS VEGAS--From robo-dinosaurs to mecha-masseurs, robots at CES 2011 ran the gamut of wacky novelty products like the Sphero iPhone -controlled ball and the WheeMe back massage robot to practical but funked-out floor cleaners like dancing Mint sweepers ... Source: CNET News

Robots massage, clean, and amuse at CES

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (AFP) – The world's first massage robot was at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to soothe those sore from dashing about the gargantuan gadget extravaganza. Palm-sized WheeMe massagers made by Israel-based startup ... Source: YAHOO!

Oklahoma students to bring robots to life

Fifty teams from Oklahoma will compete in the annual event involving 45,000 high school students from around the world. The teams have six weeks to design and build robots to meet this year’s engineering challenge. The Oklahoma teams met Saturday at the ... Source: Daily Oklahoman