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Roving Mars Part 2 - IMAX
(Part 7 of 10) Dr. Steve Squyres and George Butler, Q&A Mars Society Convention 2009
WD Roving Mars (Marsa Yolculuk) (EN) 3/4
(Part 3 of 10) Dr. Steve Squyres and George Butler, Q&A Mars Society Convention 2009
Bill Clinton at Zeitgeist '07
Spirit at Gusev Crater [HD]
Spirit & Opportunity: 6 years on Mars [HD]
Spirit: Six Years of Roving Mars
Star Trek Live at KSC - SpacePod 2010.06.28
(Part 10 of 10) Dr Steve Squires and George Butler, Q&A Mars Society Convention 2009
Moon Roving.
HiRISE - Roving Mars HD
NASA Mars Rover High-definition 360 Video (Lion King)
Astronomy Software VRMars - MER 3D - East Basin Panorama
Mars Exploration Rover Project
Across The Solar System
Astronomy Software
Roving Mars(unfinished Business)
Carl Sagan: A message for the people of Earth
Roving Mars 3/5
Roving Mars - Beejay
Steve Squyres discussing Mars at Dyer Observatory
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Roving Mars cap 3 pequentildea
Roving Mars cap 2 pequentildea
cartel IMAX Roving Mars
Roving Mars cap 2 grande
Roving Mars
Roving Mars cap 3 grande
amazing I-max featuring roving mars
Roving Mars cap 1 pequentildea
Roving Mars cap 1 grande
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WikiLeaks And The Double Edge Of “Internet Freedom”

One year ago today, Hillary Clinton gave a landmark speech at the Newseum journalism museum in Washington D.C., extolling the power of unfettered digital information to change the world. “Information has never been so free,” the Secretary of State ... Source: Forbes (blog)

Lawmakers And The Crazy Laws They Want To Pass In The Wake Of Tucson Tragedy

Schools, airports, and government buildings where restrictions apply on gun possession are all set in a single place -- they aren't roving locations where the Second Amendment does not apply. In contrast, King's law would create bubbles of illegality ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Walmart Veg-ing Out With Healthier, More Affordable Food Plan

Walmart announced today a five year plan to provide healthier and more affordable food offerings. The nation’s largest grocer promises to reduce sodium, sugar, and fat content in its own private brand, as well as working with suppliers to improve the ... Source: Laist.com

Cisco's 800 pound data center gorilla: Xsigo

It isn't often, or obvious, when Cisco is worried about a competitor. Indeed, CEO John Chambers has the stock answer when asked by press and analysts about the "competition:" "We don't focus on competitors; we focus on market transitions." Well, Cisco ... Source: Network World Fusion

Map of the Sounds of Tokyo

Nor does she really put any real thought into the narrative facet that gives the film its name. Playing the part of roving narrator, spectator, and humble friend to Ryu, Min Tanaka offers what may be the film's only redeeming factor as a quiet sound ... Source: Slant Magazine

Tunisia arrests head of presidential guard, others

Street violence took a new form Saturday with roving gangs sacking homes in at least one wealthy neighborhood and residents, armed with golf clubs, forming self-styled vigilante committees. Others worried about food shortages. "This all happened in three days. Source: Santa Maria Times

The 15 Best Speculative Fiction Books of 2010

Social gatherings practically don't exist, as any large gathering of humans is a tempting target for roving packs of the dead ... It's partly about a failed Mars mission fueled by government conspiracies and homoerotic power lust. But it's also about a ... Source: io9.com

NASA plans Valentine's date with a comet

Space experts are curious to see how a trip around the Sun has affected the surface of the Tempel 1, which is about 6km wide and travels on an orbit that brings it as close to the Sun as Mars and as far away as Jupiter. Tempel 1 was last glimpsed in 2005 ... Source: Daily Telegraph

Best pictures of our solar system taken from space

Ever wondered what the sun setting on Mars looks like? These stunning and inspiring images reveal the secrets of our solar system and were all taken by space probes launched by Nasa and the European Space Agency in the past five years. They were released ... Source: Daily Mail

The cellist who wants to shake up London with a classical mystery tour

The first programme, for instance, puts together songs written and performed by Mara Carlyle, whose voice is on the Ikea advert with 100 roving cats; virtuoso violin music by the exciting young Dutch composer Michel van der Aa; a few minutes of performance ... Source: The Independent