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KCTV (Birthday celebration of Kim Il Sung) 2/6
Incredably stupid news episode 1: Ryugyong Hotel
Fiction Pyongyang - demolition S how - Ryugyong North Korea
Hotel Marina El Cid
Ryugyong Hotel - The Waiting Room(s)
Hotel Room Propaganda
lostinterest--check in at the ryugyong hotel
朝鮮民主主義人民共和國( Part 2 of 2 )
Inauguración Burj Dubai 4 de enero 2010 El más alto del Mundo 828 mts.
New York Philharmonic to Visit Pyongyang
American Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein lecture Bahrain Diplomat Hotel Part 13-14
Five minutes of hate in Pyongyang
VOA Daily Download Monday June 2, 2008
KCTV (Fireworks Held in Pyongyang) 3/3
KCTV (DPRK Popular Music) 35
KCTV (Fireworks celebration at the Hotel Ryugyong) 2/3
廃墟探索部・RUIN-DVD-29 「北朝鮮」
More than 50 Strangest World's buildings
Disneyland DL Hotel Colorful Waterfalls Night Dlx Snd CLIP 092707
Hillary: 3am in a 2 Star Hotel - UnificationNow
CAC Nation Hotel Casino by Building a Nation Co.
north korea
Ryugyong Hotel North Korea Pyongyang
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North Korea
Ryugyong Hotel Pyongyang 2
ryugyong hotel 2
RyugYong Hotel
Ryugyong Hotel Piongyang North Korea
The Ryugyong Hotel of Death 6
The Ryugyong Hotel of Death 2
Ryugyong Hotel Pyongyang 4
The Ryugyong Hotel of Death 4
The Ryugyong Hotel of Death 8
The Ryugyong Hotel of Death 3
The Ryugyong Hotel of Death 5
Ryugyong Hotel Pyongyang 3
The Ryugyong Hotel of Death 7
Ryugyong Hotel Pyongyang
The Ryugyong Hotel of Death 1
N Korea's condemmed skyscraper
Ryugyong Hotel
Ryugyong Hotel (permanently unfinished)
Ryugyong Hotel
Ryugyong Hotel and Cholima Monument
Ryugyong Hotel Pyong Yang
Ryugyong Hotel
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Orascom Telecom CEO meets North Korean leader

The company has also been tied to renewed construction work at Pyongyang's pyramid-shaped Ryugyong Hotel. The iconic building was halted in 1992 and has remained vacant ever since. Source: Computerworld Australia

N. Korean leader meets Egypt telecom chief

The Egyptian group in 2007 sealed a US$115 million deal to invest in a North Korean cement plant. It is also reportedly involved in completing construction of the 105-storey Ryugyong Hotel in the capital. Source: China Post