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The King Of Comedy - Trailer - HQ - (1983)
Winger & Sandra Bernhardt performing Alone
Cat Walk pt8
Stand Up for Homeless LGBT Youth
Do you wanna Unc.?
Sandra Bernhard on Late Night with David Letterman
Lilith Fair - Sandra Bernhard
Sandra Bernhard Opening Number
excerpt 2 from The Bird Club by Darren Blaney incl. 'Another Aging Catholic Queen'
Sandra Bernhard-Perfection Video
Sandra Bernhard - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Faggots & Peas for Sandra Bernhard, 1986
The Woman I Could Of Been - Sandra Bernhard
Sandra Bernhard & Tom Jones You're Unbelievable (#4)
Wonder Woman remix featuring Sandra Bernhard
GLAAD Awards NYC 2010
Sandra Bernhard - New Years Eve at Joe's Pub NYC - Dec. 31, 2008
Sandra Bernhard Presents an Ace
Dare - Trailer [HD]
Fashion Week with Sandra Bernhard
Debra Messing & Erick McCormack Feat. Sandra Bernhard
Failed Comedian Sandra Bernhard Attacks Sarah Palin
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2008 Donruss Americana - TV Stars - Authentic Worn Material - Sandra Bernhard Auto Swatch 12100
sandra bernhard
A10 Sandra Bernhard as Carolyn Marsh
Sandra Bernhard in 'Plump Fiction'
Sandra Bernhard
2008 Donruss Americana - TV Stars - Authentic Worn Material - Sandra Bernhard Swatch 51250
Sandra Bernhard
Stevie Nicks and Sandra Bernhard
Sandra Bernhard in 'The Sopranos: D-Girl'
sandra bernhard
Sandra Bernhard amp Karina (31303)
Sandra Bernhard
Sandra Bernhard 034250
Sandra Bernhard Ted Mason (former member of Modern English)
Sandra Bernhard
Sandra Bernhard
25 Sandra Bernhard
Sandra Bernhard
2008 Donruss Americana - TV Stars - Sandra Bernhard Auto 22100
sandra bernhard
Sandra Bernhard
Sandra Bernhard
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Sandra Bernhard, Justin Vivan Bond, et al. Set for Joe's Pub This March

Joe's Pub has just added: Preview of the Arts and Literature to Life presents Fahrenheit 451 (2/23), Arts and Crafts: A New Musical by Sandra Bernhard and Justin Bond (3/7), Danica Dora (3/12), Pedro Moraes (3/22), The Poison Tree (3/23), Matthias Loibner ... Source: Broadway World

Sandra Bernhard, Justin Vivian Bond, Lance Horne, Jake Shears Musical Arts and Crafts to Play ...

Arts and Crafts: A New Musical , with a book by Sandra Bernhard and Justin Vivian Bond, and music by Bernhard, Bond, Lance Horne and Jake Shears (of Scisssor Sisters fame), will have two performances at Joe's Pub on March 7 at 7pm and 9:30pm. In the piece ... Source: TheaterMania.com

Sandra Bernhard: An Interview with a Woman for All Seasons

Mind you I'm around 5'3 and at that time was a bit on the stocky side. Bernhard is probably around 5'11 and pencil thin. We were quite the pair. But sitting next to her that afternoon I learned a great deal about humility, having a gracious heart, and her ... Source: Associated Content

Sandra Bernhard Live in Concert January 28 & 29th at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Miami Fl

world of Hollywood brightly in her gaze. But make no mistake her 'take no prisoners' act is no act. Direct and to the point she has always had celebrity and those that bask in its spotlight under her thumb. Being a part of very scene she comments on and ... Source: Associated Content

Sandra Bernhard Glee-fully disses hit TV show on her way to Miami for shows at Prelude by Barton G.

"I think it's trashy,'' says Bernhard, who performs Friday and Saturday at Prelude by Barton G. in Miami. "They jump all over the place. One minute you should be singing in the glee club and the next thing you're threatening some other girl and sleeping ... Source: MiamiHerald.com

Sandra Bernhard Talks Cover Songs, Club Music, and Liberal Comedy

​First, an obligatory reference to the old glory days of South Beach: Sandra Bernhard totally hung out there in the '90s and -- obligatory related reference to Ingrid Casares -- totally dated Ingrid Casares! Okay, got that out of the way. Everyone ... Source: Miami New Times Blogs

What I see in the mirror: Sandra Bernhard

'A bit of filler and Botox goes a long way.' Photograph: Getty Images My face is unique: I've got full lips, a strong nose and deep eyes, and I like the way my face works together. I've grown into myself and appreciate what I look like more than I did in ... Source: The Guardian

This much I know: Sandra Bernhard

"Being thick-skinned, difficult and bitchy is just a persona to sell my words and ideas": Sandra Bernhard. Photograph: Albert Sanchez/Corbis As a five year old I'd lie in bed fantasising about performing on stage in big musical comedies. You could say I ... Source: The Guardian

Sandra Bullock's ex Jesse James engaged to Kat Von D

Sandra Bullock's hubby sued over unpaid lawyer's fees . Sandra Bullock's hubby sued over unpaid lawyer's fees . Sandra Bernhard's 'gang rape by big black brothers' threat to Sarah Palin! . Sandra Bernhard's 'gang rape by big black brothers' threat to Sarah Palin! Source: Newstrack India

Austin Young Wants You To Put Your Face Here

Since 1985 Young has been documenting pop, sub and trans culture icons. His portrait subjects include Leigh Bowery, Oliver Stone, Siouxsie Sioux, Sandra Bernhard, Olivia Wilde, Simon Cowell, Margaret Cho, Diamanda Galas, Elvira, Deborah Harry, Dame Edna ... Source: Laist.com