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Mr. X meets Sherlock Hemlock
Behind the Scenes of Super Capers Part 1 www.supercapers.com
Mysterious Theater - The Case of the Missing Sock
Sesame Street: Bert is Locked Out [1974]
Freelander .... un mito in OR
Gram Parsons - She
Classic Sesame Street - Caveman Ernie and the toothbrush
The Muppet Movie (Rainbow Connection Finale)
Behind the Scenes of Super Capers Part 1 www.supercapers.com
Sesame Street: Bert, John John, and Sherlock
Elmo Live - When I Grow Up (in NJ)
The MPU chronicles
Episode 7 The Count's Party
Ernie and the invisible ice cream cone
pc audiometer
Captain Tsubasa: Japan vs. Deutschland
Darude - Sandstorm
SS - The King of the cave people wants something to drink
Ernie and Sherlock Hemlock Discuss Bread Crusts at Length
Sesame Street - Mysterious Theater Missing Toast
Glee - Preview #1
Mysterious Theater - The Case of the Missing Toast
Geritol Commercial
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Sherlock Hemlock
Det Sherlock Hemlock in cognito
Sherlock Hemlock
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Sherlock Holmes returns in official sequel by Anthony Horowitz

Master detective Sherlock Holmes is to follow in the suave footsteps of spy James Bond, gaining a new lease of life in the hands of a high-profile modern novelist. The Conan Doyle estate is set to adopt what has proved a successful formula in the recent ... Source: The Guardian

A new casebook for Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes revival continues. Anthony Horowitz, the screenwriter and Alex Rider children's series author, has been chosen by the Conan Doyle estate to write a new Holmes novel, to be released this September. He said he hoped to create "a first ... Source: The Guardian