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Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) - In Chipmunk!
The Dying Detective - Sherlock Holmes Jeremy Brett Part 4 of 5
The Red Circle - Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) Part 1 of 5
Sherlock Holmes Behind the scenes
Robert Downey Jr star of Iron Man 2 & Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson a friendship in canonical fidelity
Sherlock Holmes Stunt Schooled: Round Two
Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper - Part 15
The Mazarin Stone - Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) Part 1 of 5
Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper - Trailer 2
Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon
Return of Sherlock Holmes (Empty House) jeremy brett / ed alleyne-johnson
Sherlock Holmes- The Final Problem Part 7
Who is Sherlock Holmes? - Sherlock - BBC One
Russian cartoon: Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson (Eng subs) p1
Sherlock Holmes Hall H Panel, Comic-Con 2009
Rober Downey Jr.,Jude Law on moviefone-unscripted about Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper - Part 9
SHERLOCK HOLMES (2009) - Official Trailer [HD] starring Robert Downey Jr.
Guy Ritchie & Robert Downey Jr on the set of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper - Part 2
Outside Gaming: Iron Man 2, Sherlock Holmes, Transformers 2, & Space Butterflies) S1E2
Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper - Part 6
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Character Analysis: Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most important characters in literature. He is one of a handful of characters in which people actually believe to be real. Part of this is simply the weight of history but it is also because he is one of the most complex and ... Source: Associated Content

Not Just for Kids: The elementary Sherlock Holmes

It is extremely unusual for a literary character to remain popular for more than a century. But Sherlock Holmes is no ordinary character. Ever since the eccentric, pipe-smoking detective first appeared on the page in 1887, the tweedy London logician has ... Source: Los Angeles Times

'The Crack in the Lens' Pushes Sherlock Holmes to the Brink of Madness -- Novel About the ...

LITTLETON, CO, February 13, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- "The Crack in the Lens," a new novel by attorney, movie producer and life long Sherlockian, Darlene Cypser, explores nine months in the life of 17 year old Sherlock Holmes that changes his life forever ... Source: Newsblaze.com

Barry Grant mashes genres with 'Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Letter'

Sherlock Holmes just won't stay dead. In 1893, his creator, Arthur Conan Doyle, sick of Holmes and peeved that readers wouldn't warm to his other fiction, sent Holmes hurtling over a Swiss cliff in "The Final Problem." People were outraged. Ten years later ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

'Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection' Announced for Blu-ray

Fourteen films starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are planned for Blu-ray next month. In an early announcement to retailers, MPI has announced ' Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection ' is coming to high-definition ... Source: High-Def Digest

'Sherlock Holmes 2' Photo: Sherlock Holmes Looks Messy at Dr. Watson's Wedding

The image that reveals the nuptial scene also sees Dr. Watson sporting a bruised eye while standing next to his bride on the aisle of what looks like a church. Holmes looks untidy and sports some scars on his face while sitting on a bench in what looks ... Source: AceShowbiz

Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection (1939)

The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection stars Basil Rathbone as the legendary Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as the venerable Dr. John H. Watson. The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection is comprised of all 14 classic films on 5 discs: The Hound of the ... Source: High-Def Digest

Sherlock Holmes 2′ Set Images Spoil Major Cameo

SPOILER ALERT: Images and Video from the ‘Sherlock Holmes 2′ reveal a major ‘surprise’ cameo in the film. Want to know who it is? Sherlock Holmes 2 has been rolling cameras for awhile now, and aside from a first look at stars Robert Downey Jr ... Source: Screenrant.com

Sherlock Holmes 2 Set Photos and Videos

Cinewebradio.com got their hands on a bunch of set photos and videos from the upcoming film “Sherlock Holmes 2″ directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Rachel McAdams (Midnight in Paris, Morning Glory, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Mean Girls), Robert ... Source: Shockya.com

Sherlock Holmes 2 Set Video Reveals A Cameo

While I assume you wouldn't have clicked on this article if you really didn't want to know about the cameo in Sherlock Holmes 2 , this is me covering my own ass. If you don't want to know the cameo, don't read on. Back in November, Rachel McAdams said ... Source: Cinema Blend