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William Tecumseh Sherman
Ahleuchatistas - Sherman's March [Studio Version]
General Sherman's March
111 Gramercy Park (pt 4/4)
Sherman's March (6/7)
mr lytles class - shermans march.avi
Me playing on a drum pad
Sherman's Super Fast Halfpipe
John Loughlin for Congress
The Burning of Columbia
Atlanta And Shermans March
A clip from Ross McElwee's Bright Leaves
Joe Flanigan in Profiler 1 of 4
Embraceable You
franklin park/margins_part two
Colonel Baron Takeichi Nishi - July 12, 1902 - † March 22 1945 † in Memorian
Sherman Tantrum 2
Bill Oberst Jr. in The History Channel's SHERMAN'S MARCH(2007)
Sherman's March- Final Revenge.mp4
sherman's march wow!
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
Sherman's March (7/7)
Today in History November 15, 2009
Silestone On Extreme Makeover Home Edition Episode 717, 03/21/10
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Sherman's March to the Sea
Shermans March
Shermans March
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LIVING HISTORY: Re-enactment portrays Confederates’ stand against Sherman’s march

EHRHARDT - Over the weekend, spectators with a keen interest in South Carolina history witnessed an exciting and educational re-enactment of the Battle of Rivers Bridge in Bamberg County, an important crossing on Sherman's march to Columbia. Not all ... Source: Times and Democrat

Dan Carpenter: Peeves, perils, presidents

Random thoughts while pausing to give thanks that Ronald Reagan turns 100 only once: The Republican takeover of state government pretty much guarantees a Sherman's march through any progressive gains and hopes. But there are some intriguing points of ... Source: Indianapolis Star

Death of Gen. Forrest

Smith with a cavalry column, which, marching from Memphis, was to join him at Meridian. Sherman's march from west to east across the State was so rapidly and skillfully done that it was a mere promenade. The Confederate commander, Gen. Polk, could make no ... Source: New York Times

Family trees spread back to slave days

What she has uncovered is the story of slaves on Glass and Burge plantations who found themselves caught up in one of the turning points of the Civil War – General William Tecumseh Sherman’s “March to the Sea,’’ a campaign in November and ... Source: Cincinnati.com

Family trees spread into slave days

William Tecumseh Sherman's "March to the Sea,'' a campaign in November and December 1864 that broke the back of the Confederacy and hastened the end of the Civil War. Sherman's march set her slave ancestors free when the Union troops swept through the ... Source: Cincinnati.com

Exhibit puts a Wisconsin face on Civil War

The next exhibit will feature 1863 battles such as Gettysburg, Vicksburg and Chickamauga, and the last will focus on 1864-'65, with Sherman's march to Atlanta, the trench warfare at Petersburg and the war's end. Telling the story of the Civil War from ... Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

NFL briefs: Player agents feel labor talks a ‘mess'

Jason Garrett became the head coach and Sherman's contract as an assistant coach wasn't renewed ... and the players' union before the collective bargaining agreement expires March 3. "The reason for that date is it's the end of the league year," said Joe ... Source: News-Herald.com

Historic wood for a historic occasion

Area residents expected Gen. William Sherman's Union soldiers to burn the home during their march northward through the state, but for some unknown reason, instead they poured molasses down its interior steps. New N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis of ... Source: CharlotteObserver.com

Ex-lawyer for Kennedy cousin suspended from practice during prison term for tax violation

Attorney Michael Sherman's suspension was approved Friday by a Stamford Superior Court judge. It goes into effect March 15, the day Sherman reports to prison. Sherman's attorney, William Dow III, said his client will apply for reinstatement when he is released. Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Abraham Lincoln, Political Tyrant

The devastation in the former States of the Confederacy is hard to imagine. Sherman’s march from Atlanta to Savannah is notorious for its savagery. But he was far from the only Northern officer who ordered his troops to lay waste to Southern farms ... Source: New American