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Agility WC09 individual small jump Carolina Pellikka & Kerttu - WC1!!!
Sprightly Scarborough Fair CGC - a well trained Shetland Toy
Amazing Speedy - puppy for sale (shetland sheepdog)
Double Merle Sheltie shows her 'tooth'!
Cute Sheltie - with giggling stuffie (Ginger Dog)
Cute Sheltie Afraid of Jaws Theme
Sheltie - Prince
Sheltie Tricks
Tricolor Shetland Sheepdog At Play
Sheltie (cocoa) on treadmill... running to another galaxy
Sheltie Taking a Bath & Shower Cleaning - Water and Puppy Shampoo - July 1, 2010 Wash
Sheltie International Agility Final OBay Shetland Sheepd
Double Merle Sheltie wants Coffee!
My Sheltie and Cat...
Sheltie Puppy VS Toy
CoCo eating stretchy noodles
Shiver Ride'n A Scooter Apr09
Piper the Sheltie Silly Puppy
2009 AKC National Agility Championship
Viola the Bouncy Sheltie Puppy
And then came Mikey
Sheltie eating cheese
Crazy Sable Sheltie and ginger tabby cat.
Our Sheltie Puppy from 8 Weeks to Adult Dog
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Shetland Sheepdog Puppy
Spirit 4 month
Shetland Sheepdog
20 days old
Chivas (Shetland sheepdog) 12 uker
Nintendogs - Shetland Sheepdog
Donated by Lakestar
Shetland Sheepdog
Spirit Benito - 7 weeks
Ru - Sheltie
shetland sheepdog
Sheltie Group - Shetland Sheepdogs
shetland sheepdog
shetland sheepdog
Shadow 4 years
Siskin's Pheltie
Shetland Sheepdog
Spirit 4 month
Sable Shetland Sheepdog
12 days old
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Shetland Sheepdog In The News

Missing sheepdog back with ‘family’

Aspen, a wily Shetland sheepdog that ran away from a Pleasant View Street home almost two years ago, has been found, captured and brought home to her mother and sister in North Branford. About 5 pounds underweight, and with her coat badly matted, Aspen was ... Source: Norwich Bulletin

Higher pump prices coming your way this spring

Gas pump prices that are around $3 a gallon now may seem like a bargain by the time your kids are on Easter egg hunts. Pump prices have risen nearly 9 percent since Dec. 1 and topped $3.10 a gallon this week. That's the highest level since October 2008 ... Source: Seattle Times

Sony KDL-26L5000: A TV for a Medium Room

If you are looking for a small TV for a small room, you might want to look at this next model. The TV is from Sony, a brand that needs no further introduction. The TV is called the Sony KDL-26L5000. The Sony KDL-26L5000 is a 26" TV. Pretty obvious isn't it ... Source: Associated Content

PETA supports bans on pit bull breeds

Voice: Teresa Chagrin, Animal Care & Control Specialist, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Norfolk, Va. We thank The Bay City Times for taking a stand against the breeding and unregulated sale and trade of pit bulls (”Do the deed, ban ... Source: MLive.com

Roseville golf course dog may be sent packing

It's the most one-sided love affair in history, by appearance. The members and staff at Sierra View, a blue-collar private golf club in Roseville, spent eight years spoiling Mooch rotten. Mooch, her mistrustful behavior indicating serious abuse before she ... Source: Sacramento Bee

Joint Replacements Keep Dogs in the Running

Liska, a veterinary orthopedic surgeon based in Houston who performed the first micro-hip replacement there in April 2005 on a Shetland sheepdog named Champ. Two months later, Liska made an international house call in Helsinki, Finland, to perform the ... Source: New York Times

Dog rescued after three days stuck on the ice

CAMBRIDGE, MASS - A dog spent three days on a icy pond in Massachusetts. Gibson, a Shetland Sheepdog mix, disappeared from her Arlington home more than a week ago. She was spotted on the 160-acre pond on Sunday. "...It's totally fenced in. It's public ... Source: WVEC

'Lucky' certified as therapy dog

SHADY ACRES - Lucky, a 7-year-old Shetland sheepdog, or "sheltie," owned by Jerry and Bonnie Wascavage, of Shady Acres, has been certified by Therapy Dogs International Inc. (TDI) as a therapy dog for visitation to nursing homes, hospitals, schools ... Source: newsitem.com

PATRIOTS-JETS SUNDAY: Neighbors love the Patriots, but not game traffic

Nalen tales? The current occupant naturally has A few. Like that time her late husband, Neal Price, was across the street walking the couple's Shetland sheepdog, "Cleo." Aiming to inform -- or impress -- the dog walker, a television crew member setting up ... Source: Foxboro Reporter

Grooming business a 'beauty salon' for dogs

Vicki Wendt, owner of The Blue Collar Custom Dog Grooming, trims the hair of Freeway, a Shetland sheepdog, Wednesday at her shop in Dewey-Humboldt. Q & A with Vicki Wendt, owner of The Blue Collar Custom Dog Grooming business at 853 S. Dunivin Road, Suite ... Source: Daily Courier