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God is an Astronaut - In The Distance Fading
Sleep Dealer (2008) Part 1 of 14
RainPro Gutters by Vinyl Industries of Savannah
Hey look Sleep Dealer New Trailer rt0
Mattress World of Charlotte
Standing Time-Lapse HD
Sleep Dealer gets a WTF (Day 341, 07•27•10)
Tweek City
16of DRUGGED up Policemen,Judges chasing Drug Dealers,TERRORISTS,BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS,
Sleep Dealer scene
Sleep Dealer - Serenity
Presentan Lucy Liu y Tenoch Huerta Nómadas en la Ciudad de México
DUALITY - part 6 of 11
Nyctalgia and Sleep Dealer
Vend - Silent snow falling
Sleep Dealer - Lost In The Void
Jet Set Radio Future Music - Funky Dealer
Interview with Alex Rivera at Sundance 2008
Dreamweb - 04 Prepared to Die
sleep dealer
Alex Rivera Q&A Sleep Dealer - Part 5
Scrammbles the movie
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Memo Cruz
Sleep Dealer 3
sleep dealer
The Factory
Sleep Dealer cover
Sleep Dealer
Sleep Dealer
Sleep Dealer 1
Sleep Dealer
TruNode Service
Sleep Dealer
Sleep Dealer
sleep dealer
Sleep Dealer 2008
Sleep Dealer 2
Sleep Dealer
Memo's Family
Real Video of Killers in Action
Sleep Dealer
The Dam
VR Tech
Sleep Dealer
sleep dealer
Sleep dealer 315x209
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Comedian Mike Birbiglia to sleep on the job

He'll talk with fans, interact online, and, it's planned, sleep. Birbiglia, whose sleepwalking problems have included jumping from a second-story motel window and were featured in his off-Broadway show and book "Sleepwalk With Me," discussed the promotion ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

P&G campaign pitches Downy as sleep aid

has an eye-opening marketing campaign ready with Macy's Inc. to pitch Downy fabric softener for Americans who don't get enough sleep. The consumer products maker will promote Downy as sleep aid with a seven-day live window display featuring comedian Mike ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Stress, no sleep worsen each other

We had a baby earlier this year. We've just moved in with his mother, who is 83 and deaf as a rock, forcing me to yell at her to have a simple conversation and leaving me unable to sleep for more than a few hours at a stretch until her blasting TV wakes me up. Source: Detroit Free Press

Tell Me About It: 1st thing new mom needs is sleep

We've just moved in with his mother, who is 83 and deaf as a rock, forcing me to yell to have a simple conversation and leaving me unable to sleep more than a few hours at a stretch until her blasting TV wakes me up. (She won't consider a hearing aid ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Alameda's real-life Mr. Sandman aids the sleep-deprived

Millions of Americans are looking for a restful night's sleep. The good news is there's a hotbed of research in the region that can help. Jerrold Kram is a sleep scientist at the California Center for Sleep Disorders in Alameda. He has been conducting ... Source: Berkeley Voice

EverCalm Insomnia- Promote a Sound Sleep Naturally

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 11, 2011 – The herbs in EverCalm Insomnia have gentle sedative properties which produce a soothing and relaxing effect to prepare the body for a sound sleep leading to lowered stress levels and increased mental alertness and focus. Source: PRLog (free press release)

U.S. lags while China leads

Napoleon Bonaparte once said of China, "Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world." We should be thankful that China was in a domestic slumber and convulsive until Deng Xiaoping threw off the ideological yoke of the past in the 1980s and ... Source: Detroit News

For Milwaukee's children, an early grave

The Journal Sentinel today takes on an issue we have too long ignored - the death of children before their first birthday. Infant mortality is a crisis not just of public health, but of ethics and morality. The rate at which infants die in our city is ... Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Bedbugs are here: Don't panic, officials say, but don't assume you're safe

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The first waves of bedbugs have already burrowed deep into Greater Cleveland. Now local schools, libraries, businesses and others are bracing for what's almost certain to come next -- a tsunami of the tiny human bloodsuckers. Many Ohio ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Saturday shooting on Falcon Lake attributed to 'pure stupidity'

Foul play is not suspected in the Saturday shooting of a fisherman on Falcon Lake, a waterway straddling the U.S.-Mexico border known for piracy and drug trafficking-related violence, the Zapata County Sheriff in Texas said. Falcon Lake made national ... Source: CNN (blog)