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Space Chimps
Space Chimps
Space Chimps
Space Chimps
Space Chimps 2 2
Space Chimps
Space Chimps
Can't Wait to see Space Chimps
Space Chimps
Space Chimps
space chimps
Space Chimps (US) 2008
Space Chimps
Space chimps
Space Chimps
Space chimps
Space Chimps
Space chimps cover
DS Space Chimps 5
Monkey Girl
Space Chimps
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Space flight by Giffords' husband may be in doubt

The shocking gundown of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has left NASA reeling: Her astronaut husband was due to rocket away in just three months as perhaps the last space shuttle commander, and her brother-in-law is currently on the International Space Station. Source: Arizona Daily Star

Chimps "Nebraska Zoo" Bite Off Keeper's Fingers On Saturday

Chimps "Nebraska Zoo" bite off keeper's fingers on Saturday. Chimps from a "Nebraska zoo" bite off keeper's fingers at the knuckles. The animals were so out of control and that police had to be called. Two chimpanzees at a Nebraska zoo attacked a keeper ... Source: Newsoxy.com

McKee Botanical Garden and Save the Chimps to host 'A Celebration of Sanctuary'

Many of Save the Chimps' first rescues were alumni of NASA's primate spaceflight program, which also will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its first flight in 2011. In recognition of the contributions made by these "Space Chimps," "A Celebration of ... Source: Jupiter Courier

Chimps Bite Off Nebraska Zookeeper's Fingers

(NewsCore) - A worker lost at least two fingers when she was attacked by two chimpanzees at a zoo in Nebraska, police said Saturday. The incident occurred Friday afternoon when the employee at Riverside Discovery Center in Scottsbluff, in Nebraska's west ... Source: MyFox Tampa Bay

Woody Harrelson Urges Mercy for Chimps

They have endured decades of violence and torment, having been used in everything from space experiments to high-velocity seat belt tests. Only in the last few years have they enjoyed bedding, fruit, toys, the touch and companionship of other chimpanzees ... Source: PETA

Defence alert over Pakistan’s air space violation

The reported air space violation will be taken up with Pakistan through proper external affairs ministry channels, officials said. Two light aircraft were flying low near the Ranbirsinghpora area of Jammu region where Border Security Force (BSF) has posts ... Source: India Talks

Zoo chimps bite off keeper's fingers

Two chimpanzees have attacked a zookeeper in the US, biting off two of her fingers. The keeper was patting one of the chimps at Riverside Discovery Centre in Scottsbluff in Nebraska when it grabbed her hand, the Daily Mail reports. The keeper screamed and ... Source: ninemsn

Chimps seen caring for next generation's young

In Bossou, because the chimps are well nourished, they have extended life spans and undergo longer periods without giving birth. It is reasonable for experienced older chimps to take care of youngsters. Humans might have evolved through that kind of ... Source: Calgary Herald

Chimps, like humans, care for grandchildren

Researchers studying a troop of wild chimpanzees in Guinea have confirmed yet another likeness between humans and their close cousins: chimpanzees care for their grandchildren. It was previously assumed chimpanzees did not take care of their offspring's ... Source: The Vancouver Sun

'Man on Wire' director takes chimp film to Sundance

We can see something of ourselves here. In a way, it's kind of scary. We humans are a species capable of enormous amounts of violence and aggression. We like to get drunk, to take drugs, and chimps love that too." Source: YAHOO!