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Rura Penthe Miner's Light
Avery Brooks
Brent Spiner
Star Trek TNG
sarek amanda
Klingon Batleth
Star Trek
Roddenberry's EMH Holo Emitter
Eric Andorian Star Trek Convention
Delta Quadrant
Group shot 1
Make it snow
Star Ship Enterprise
Me at Star Trek: The Experience
Picture 032
Mobil Holo Emmiter
Enterprise quotLighted Data Elementquot
Romulan Empire
Jonathan Frakes
Star Trek captains
Enterprise Logic Data Module
Paramount: Star Trek lebt
Romulan Klingon Empire
kirk and spock
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Star Trek In The News

'Star Trek' producer regrets lack of gay characters. What other shows have a surprising lack of diversity?

In an interview with AfterElton.com , Terra Nova exec. producer Brannon Braga — who cut his teeth writing and producing Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — lamented the fact that Star Trek has never once included an out gay ... Source: Entertainment Weekly Online

Star Trek's Gay Problem: Producer Brannon Braga Regrets Not Having Homosexual Character

'Star Trek's unexplored final frontier? An openly gay character. In all of its movies and iterations -- including 726 television episodes -- there never existed an openly gay character on 'Star Trek.' And now, the show's producer says he regrets the ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Hair Salons in Space

Tracy and I were watching Star Trek: The Next Generation the other night, with the episode where Tasha Yar’s sister shows up, amidst a group a rag-tag “freedom fighters,” or rebels or damned leftists as Glenn Beck might think of them. Actually, I don ... Source: Arkansas Times

'Star Trek' translators reach for the final frontier

(CNN) -- Last month, Google unveiled its latest innovation, an app for phones that can near-simultaneously translate speech from one language to another. "Google Conversation," so far only available to translate between Spanish and English, generated ... Source: CNN

Star Trek Online Celebrates First Anniversary

Atari and Cryptic Studios announced today that they are celebrating Star Trek Online 's one-year anniversary by releasing a new Feature Episode Series, continuing to discount C-store offers and Lifetime Subscriptions by 20 percent and hosting special in ... Source: Ve3d.com

Star Trek Producer: I Regret Not Having Gay Characters

"It was a shame," Braga told After Elton . "I'm talking about the Next Generation , Deep Space Nine and there was a constant back and forth about well how do we portray the spectrum of sexuality. There were people who felt very strongly that we should be ... Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

Star Trek's George Takei to visit

Sci-fi fans and history buffs share a rare opportunity to sit down with Star Trek actor George Takei in February. Takei will share his experience as a child at the Tule Lake (Calif.) War Relocation Center, arguably the most infamous of the 10 centers that ... Source: Birmingham Business Journal

Star Trek Exhibit Lands In Louisville

Star Trek has landed in Louisville. The sci-fi favorite is headlining a display at the Louisville Science Center. The display features props, costumes and models from many of the Star Trek shows. It even has a "transporter room" and the chair used by Capt ... Source: msnbc.com

Geek Gear: Star Trek ‘Original Space Drunk’ Shirt

The t-shirt deal of the day over at RIPT Apparel is a Star Trek -inspired shirt called “Original Space Drunk.” The tee, by artist D4N13L , went on sale at RIPT today, Wednesday, February 9, 2011, at midnight CST, and will continue for 24 hours from ... Source: Geeksofdoom.com

Medicare fraud-busters' Star Trek turn

The words “Medicare fraud” conjure up pictures of shady doctors, forged paperwork and unwitting little old ladies — not Armenian mobsters, illegal guns and Klingon swords. A raid on the New Jersey mansion of a suspected Armenian-American mobster ... Source: Politico.com