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The Warriors Trailer #2
Muslim dawah project- Muslim Belal
Classic Game Room HD - MADWORLD for Wii review
Streets Of Blood teaser
Simple Minds - Belfast Child
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge
Flip Flop Interior
GreenStreet Soundtrack - One Blood
The Jam-A bomb in Wardour street
Giggs Ft. Streets - Slow Songs (Official Video/Lyrics)
Linkin Park-Black Birds [With Lyrics+MP3 Link]
Behind The Veil Of A Oppressed Woman [HD]
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY-Clean My Wounds (Live 12.09.00)
Stoke & Transformation | Jill Bolte Taylor, Part 12 of 12
Silent Hill Homecoming HD Dr Fitch's Death & A Big Battle With Scarlet P30
Young Jeezy - Bag Music ft USDA (Official HD Music Video 2010)(Dir By Nokey)
ROADSIDE2ISLAM (feat Abdul Haqq)
Blood Axis - The Hangman And The Papist
Lil Scrappy - No Problem (uncensored + video)
Close Your Eyes - Digging Graves
Megadeth - Blood of Heroes (MK:A)
The Black Dahlia Murder-What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
Heaven Shall Burn- Of No Avail
Machine Head - Davidian
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Blood dripping onto the streets
streets of blood
Blood Alley - clear
Blood Alley - blurry
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Man shot outside of Bootleg joint identified

Police found a puddle of blood and a firearm magazine near the intersection of Edison Street and Leland Avenue. Minutes later, police found a beige 1998 Buick had crashed a half-mile away at West Second and Anna streets. A black semi-automatic pistol with ... Source: Dayton Daily News

F.D.A. Is Studying the Risk of Electroshock Devices

The F.D.A. review was recommended by the Government Accountability Office in 2009 as part of an examination of the regulatory status of electroshock and about 20 other less controversial medical devices, like pacemaker electrodes and implanted blood access ... Source: New York Times

Man suspected of killing woman ID'd, suspect at large

Pursuing officers noticed that one of the suspects had blood on his clothing, police said. After a fruitless search for the suspects, officers deployed K-9 officers and handlers that specialized in tracking. At 7:15 a.m., a Vallejo K-9, named Jaeger ... Source: KABC

Buzzword of the Week: Boardrooms Look For Blue Ocean

Black is beautiful and yellow is mellow, but when it comes to emotionally powerful colors it's hard to beat blue. From singing the blues to sailing the ocean blue, surviving blue Mondays to smiling at blue skies, blue can convey a dizzying array of moods ... Source: Daily Finance

WikiLeaks: 1 percent of diplomatic docs published

LONDON – Nearly two months after WikiLeaks outraged the U.S. government by launching the release of a massive compendium of diplomatic documents, the secret-spilling website has published 2,658 U.S. State Department cables — just over 1 percent of its ... Source: YAHOO!

'Onion News Network' skewers cable news. What did you think of last night's premiere?

ONN doesn’t set out to feast absurdly on topical news like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report do so deftly; it’s all about genre lampoon. The first half-hour newscast was a shiny-snappy assault of farcical, barbed, beyond-politically incorrect ... Source: Entertainment Weekly Online

A tiny baby provides a story of hope

She didn't feel sick, but one of the symptoms is rapid weight gain and rising blood pressure. The problem: The only cure for preeclampsia is to deliver the baby. But not at 24 weeks, right? Doctors typically try to hold off in these situations until the ... Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The children of Haiti get a new start thanks to a dose of Detroit muscle

Streets were still uncleared ... or hearing screams, or seeing blood, or being enveloped in choking clouds of dust that rolled and grew as the city turned to rubble. "We must give thanks to God that we are alive, that God saved us," Yonell says, launching ... Source: Detroit Free Press

Pair of US drone strikes kill 6 in Pakistan

The tribesmen who marched through the streets of Mir Ali town in North Waziristan on Sunday protesting the strikes shouted "Death to the U.S." and "Death to the CIA." "Drone attacks are killing innocent people, women and children," said Majid Khan ... Source: Oregonian

Making the Most of Your Social Security Benefits

It was too good to last. For years, I (and every other financial expert on the planet) was able to tell people that they could tap Social Security at age 62, pay the money back later on – no interest required – and draw a higher payout years down the ... Source: Walletpop.com