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Whose Line Is It Anyway - Weird Newscasters
Let's Play Greendog: Part 3
Halloween Surfer Dude - Tybee Island Georgia
The RC Flying Surfer Dude
Surfer, Dude Premier Malibu
Mike and Vic's Slow-mo surfer dude short rant
Surfer, Dude Dude Moments: Fish
USA California Accent #2
Micro Surfer Dude Video Build.mpeg
Green Tea Partay (West Coast)
surfer dude
Royal Caribbean Cruise! Surfer dude on flowrider!
when waves are not in ocean
Surfer Dude take 2 Santa Cruz
Nokia C5 Navigation in USA
Selena Gomez on Ellen Show
Episode 4 (Part 1) of the Pie in the Face Gameshow!
Surfer Dude
Surfer Dude 1
Surfer, Dude - Webisode 7
Christian Beadles - Hilarious moments
surfer dude
Boat Rock - Surfer Dude (V1) [From top]
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The Surfer Dude
PNI surfer dude
Zombie Surfer Dude
Surfer dude
Justin surfer dude
Surfer dude
surfer dude :
Surfer-dude Ian B
Surfer dude
flyin surfer dude
Surfer Dude
surfer dude
Surfer dude
waffle the surfer dude
Surfer Dude
Surfer Dude
surfer dude
Surfer Dude
surfer dude
Surfer Dude
Sexy Surfer Dude
Surfer dude
Surfer Dude
random surfer dude
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Under that surfer veneer lies an even cooler dude

Today I am gonna write about a good pal of mine who is one of those "homegrown in Orange County" kinda dudes. Keith Meehan. I first meet Keith surfing in Huntington Beach. On crowded days at the pier I like to paddle south a few blocks. There is usually a ... Source: Orange County Register

Affordable Surfer Inn Provides Shabby Chic On Florida's West Coast

The décor spices things up a bit with the surfer theme, the way a college dude might deck out his dorm. When I stayed, St. Pete was having a cold snap, and it was so chilly in my room that the heated pool looked like an appealing option. To be fair, if ... Source: NY1

Surf’s Up Dude, But Not Quite Enough

The contest in memory of legendary Hawaiian surfer Eddie Aikau is only held when waves are at least 20 feet and has been put on only eight times since it was founded in 1984. Organizers said in a statement that contest director George Downing made the ... Source: KWTX

NBC Picks Up Comedy Pilots From Lorne Michaels, Tad Quill

NBC said that Quill's show, "Bent," is a single-camera romantic comedy" about a recently divorced “type A” single mother who tries hard not to fall for the sexy “surfer-dude” contractor she hires to re-do her kitchen." Quill, a former executive ... Source: MSN

New Disney ship aims to please all ages

The Oceaneer Club's 103-inch plasma TV screen shows movies, but also offers interactions with an animated character, the surfer-dude sea turtle Crush from "Finding Nemo." In a neat show of Disney innovation, Crush appears to hold spontaneous conversations ... Source: Tampa Bay Online

They're a bit on the shaggy side

Or 3-year-old Max Bratman, who posed for photos at Disneyland with Mickey, his mom, Christina Aguilera, and his own surfer-dude hairdo. The phenomenon is so widespread that one Los Angeles company, Kidcosmic, has launched a line of hair accessories for ... Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Well-oiled action thriller has skilled killers, no filler

They’re a huge improvement on Bronson, who tended to walk through many of his films like a zombie, and Vincent, whose laid-back surfer-dude persona is far less interesting than the tightly coiled, unpredictable Foster. “The Mechanic” is by far the ... Source: New York Post

Herschel Walker: The World's Most Recognizable 1-0 Fighter

I’m just taking it one fight at a time. Not that I’m going to be a surfer dude now living out here in California but it’s one day at a time and make the best out of it. “If I fight again we’re going to step it up (level of competition) a little ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

Disney’s new Dream boat

As my niece and I ate dinner one night in Animator’s Palate, one of three dining rooms guests rotate through during their cruise, the surfer dude sea turtle from “Finding Nemo” popped up on a large video monitor. “Hey you, where are you from?” Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Don't trust anyone over 50

And it kind of is depressing. The perpetually stoned surfer dude from 1982’s “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” is as old as “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Barbie and the Pill. Even older than that: Howard Stern, Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey. Source: New York Post