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The Sexed-Up Student With Plenty of Surrogates But No Real Thing

5:30 p.m.: It’s New Year’s Eve, which means I’m frantically trying to groom myself to perfection; rushing to get a mani-pedi and hair blowout all to impress J tonight. J is my adorable best guy friend, and I’ve been harboring an (at times ... Source: Nymag.com

'The real celebrities are the altruistic surrogates'

THE birth via a surrogate of a second child for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban has brought well wishes from around the globe. But new laws due to come into force in March mean that if they were to pay a surrogate to have a third child, in NSW they might ... Source: Brisbane Times

Alzheimer's Brain Scan Works, Says FDA: Would You Want to Know?

(CBS) Knowing Alzheimer's disease may be ravaging your brain five, 10, even 20 years before you start forgetting names, getting lost on familiar roads, or forgetting how to balance your checkbook... would you want doctors to look inside your brain, and see ... Source: CBS News

Surrogacy Law: Conn. Gives Non-Genetic Parents Legal Rights

During a two-year legal battle, Anthony and Shawn Raftopol, Americans who live in Holland, worried that only one of the men was the legal parent of their young twin boys. The gay couple married legally in Massachusetts in 2008. Their twins, Sebastiaan and ... Source: ABC News

Jon Gosselin Gets A Regular Job

UPDATE: Jon has already quit his new job, according to reports . PREVIOUSLY: His ex-wife may make $250,000 per episode of 'Kate Plus 8,' but Jon Gosselin has found a regular job in sales marketing, Life & Style reports. In 2009, Jon said he wanted a 9-to-5 ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Obama Reinventing Himself as 'Pro-Business' to Save Own Job

Its previous policies, its surrogates say, were merely an ad hoc response to an economic emergency and not the product of a big-government agenda. With his major legislative initiatives behind him, Obama is free to focus his message on job creation. Source: NewsMax.com

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Welcome Baby Girl Via Surrogate

Surprise! Actress Nicole Kidman and her country rocker husband Keith Urban are now the parents of a newborn baby girl. "Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman and their two-year old daughter Sunday Rose, today announced a new addition to their family, Faith Margaret ... Source: Associated Content

And baby makes reality TV

Tales of conception — especially with the help of medical intervention, surrogates or adoption — fills blogs; fashion magazines; reality shows like the latest Gosselin family series, "Kate Plus Eight"; and daytime talk shows like "The Talk," in which ... Source: Deseret News

The path for each GOP 2012 contender

Political operatives speak about "a path to the nomination," meaning the series of developments that must occur for a candidate to win the 2012 Republican presidential primary. Let's look at each potential contender's path -- or whether he or she even has ... Source: Washington Post

You, robot: Kinect hacks make you into a machine

editor's notebook OK, this whole Kinect-hacking phenomenon is starting to make my head spin. (Funny that--the system is thus controlling my movements, rather than the other way round.) First we started to see Minority Report-style interfaces , by way of ... Source: CNET News