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kokoro singing tampopo
=How= Make Omurice.flv
Louis 5 (the best)
Baby Don't Cry カバー TAMPOPO
花 (カバー) TAMPOPO
Tanpopo Suisha (live at Gloria Chapel, Christ Shingawa Church)
bon odori tenso
in the mix, eLBee Bad Toulouse, France Pt 2
ラーメン タンポポ
北千住天七live at 02:31am PST on 02/13/2010
Tampopo - Crazy old Lady
Tampopo (1985) - Intro
Rocker Mom: My mom is a guitar hero addict
THE Rump Roast SUPER 8
Kamiko Drinking
The Funeral [Osoushiki] 1984
tampopo et les skates épisode 4
Tampopo 2007 - Bonenkai - Who´s Eating Who
Tobias Maroon talking
Tampopo Choir Hallelujah 08
tampopo et les skates épisode 2
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christmas candycane charm in box
butterfly charm front
candy charm front
popsicle charm in box
christmas candycane charm 2
pearl crown charm in box
Pork Bone Kyushu Ramen- Tampopo
Tampopo poster
heart padock charm 1
Black Pig Shabu Ramen- Tampopo
shoe charm in box
pink status bag
lobster charm front
shoe charm in box
headphone charm 2
Tampopo 1
Tampopo's Scoop Cream Cake
Black Pig Shabu Ramen with korean chilli powder- Tampopo
lobster charm in box
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Tampopo In The News

Don't care about the big game? City's got plenty of other events going on

For foodies who want a better meal than nachos and typical football fare, two-for-one cocktails, half-priced sake, free cupcakes and Japanese food films like the classic ramen comedy "Tampopo!" are on tap at Kyotofu in Hell's Kitchen . Chinese New Year ... Source: New York Daily News

Restaurant: Koya, London W1

Ramen was a central subject of the mid-80s food-porn classic movie Tampopo , and because of that is probably the best-known Japanese noodle here. Koya 49 Frith Street, London W1D 4SG 020-7434 4463 No booking. Open Mon-Sat, lunch noon-3pm, dinner 5.30-10 ... Source: The Guardian

Hollywood's Greatest World Cinema Imports

He was only really known in the West for his role in cult comedy Tampopo, until he was unveiled to American audiences in the Tom Cruise vehicle The Last Samurai. Source: femalefirst.co.uk

Corrections and clarifications

Tampopo is the food-porn classic movie of the early 1980s, not 1990s as we had it ( Restaurants , 5 February, page 56, Weekend). Source: The Guardian

Movies about meat

But don't expect lovely homages to food like you'd see in " Tampopo " or " Like Water for Chocolate. " This event skews a bit on the darker side. Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

Meet ’n’ meat

We’re passing over the standard food porn like Big Night and Tampopo and bypassing activist documentaries like Food, Inc. Hey, I love those films, but that’s not what this is about. Instead, we’ll kick things off on Feb. 5 with Soylent Green, the ... Source: San Diego CityBEAT