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That Obscure Object of Desire 4/7
I Just Knew [1/2] JBeibsShawty.
Indecorum - Cet obscur objet du desir
That obscure object of desire
Objects of Desire - The Musical - Best Teen Team NZ
6/7 'The Life and Times of Don Luis Bunuel'
That Obscure Object of Desire (1977) Part 1
JEAN-CLAUDE CARRIÈRE-Interview-parte 2
That Obscure Object of Desire - opening credits
Worlds as fragments / Prokop Bartonicek
Minnuit - Pré-Produção 1
Jane Smiley: 2010 National Book Festival (Poetry)
YYCCC 2010-12-06 Calgary City Council - December 6, 2010
That Obscure Object of Desire
Book Culture and how i became irrelevant (more chit chat)
JEAN-CLAUDE CARRIÈRE-Interview-parte 1
People with Disabilities, Tech. & the Law with Tim Spofford
That Obscure Object of Desire 7/7
Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment, Day 3 Chapter 2
Sour Desire - Part Two in A Trilogy of Deisre
Desireless - Voyage Voyage
That Obscure Object of Desire 1/7
That Obscure Object of Desire 5/7
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That Obscure Object of Desire
That Obscure Object of Desire
That Obscure Object of Desire(1977)
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Secret Service Study Probes Psyche of U.S. Assassins

That silence underlined their desire to fly under the radar, says J. Reid Meloy, a forensic psychologist at the University of California in San Diego who studies public figure killings. The aspiring assailants often chose between several possible victims. Source: Wired News

The foolishness of the 'blood libel' charge

Greg already touched on many of the more egregious aspects of Sarah Palin's video response to critics, but I wanted to focus more directly on her use of the term "blood libel." First off, it would be a serious stretch to assign any blame to Palin for Jared ... Source: Washington Post

The President's Speech as Consolation: Is That What is Needed?

In this era of political and economic crisis, the desire to be above the fray, as is his usual political stance, may allow us all for the moment to feel good.  It may even contribute to his reelection.  The braver thing, the harder thing though is to ... Source: Common Dreams

The future of urban transportation looks a lot like the past.

As any visitor knows, one of the most striking experiences at Disney World is navigating it. The place offers an impressively multi-modal suite of options. There's walking, horseless carriages, steamboats, the famous monorail (said to carry more passengers ... Source: Slate

Top 25 Left-Wing Films: #5 – ‘Planet of the Apes’ (1968)

Director Franklin J. Schaffner’s “ Planet of the Apes ” might be the most cynical, anti-human and anti-religious film ever made. What’s most telling about the film’s political point of view is the arc of the main character, played by The Mighty ... Source: Big Hollywood (blog)

Too many of us treat young white women as trash

Is Jack Straw right: are white girls viewed by some Pakistani men as "easy meat"? He spoke after the sentencing of Abid Mohammed Saddique and Mohammed Romaan Liaqat , ringleaders of a group that targeted girls between 12 and 18 in the Derby area, grooming ... Source: The Guardian

An Ivory Saint Resurfaces

At 25.2 inches from right foot to left index finger, the carving is "amongst the largest ivory figures ever made" in Renaissance and Baroque times, writes ivory expert Eike Schmidt, head of the Minneapolis Institute of Art's Department of Decorative Arts ... Source: Wall Street Journal

Bill to bar students from voting in college towns called 'obviously unconstitutional'

CNN: New Hampshire GOP faces Tea Party takeover ► Guardian UK: An obscure Republican party election this Saturday could hold the key to who runs – and wins – in the 2012 presidential race Source: New Hampshire Union Leader

Appeals court refuses to rehear Gates Four annexation case

On Wednesday, the appellate court denied the association's desire for a new hearing. Gates Four is a gated community off Lakewood Drive with more than 650 residences, a golf course and a clubhouse. The city in 2005 annexed neighborhoods around Gates Four ... Source: Fayetteville Observer

FBISD 8th grader suspended after wearing rosary to school

HOUSTON — A middle school student believes the Fort Bend Independent School District has violated her rights, and now she wants an apology. Jonae Devlin, 14, was suspended from Hodges Bend Middle School after wearing a rosary to the school. “I never ... Source: KHOU