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The Absent-Minded Professor (Harry Anderson Remake) 1988
2009 Bridge productions Final
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Absent Minded Professor
absent-minded professor
The Absent Minded Professor (1961)
Absent-Minded Professor (1960)
The Absent Minded Professor - Scene dump
Absent-minded professor
The Absent-Minded Professor
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The best gift money can buy? Just that: cash

She: Yes, and I knew a woman who was so absent-minded that when she gave a $50 bill for a Christmas ... and hide cash in a gift of your own creation. Viviana A. Zelizer, a professor of sociology at Princeton, is the author of "Economic Lives: How Culture ... Source: St. Petersburg Times

The Best Present Money Can Buy

SHE Yes, and I knew a woman who was so absent-minded that when she gave a $50 bill for a Christmas ... and hide cash in a gift of your own creation. Viviana A. Zelizer, a professor of sociology at Princeton, is the author of “Economic Lives: How Culture ... Source: New York Times

Part 2: All the failed social welfare …

Yes I really believe old post menopausal hag is completely deranged! A real wacko! TNR’s Progressive Dupes At Yale, Hillary Clinton's advisor was leftwing law professor Thomas Emerson, known around campus as "Tommy the Commie." Emerson recruited Hillary ... Source: Front Page

The C Word — Consciousness — and Emergence

At a recent talk I attended at UC Santa Barbara, Professor Marcus Raichle, one of the pioneers of brain imaging, jokingly referred to consciousness as the “C word.” His little joke highlighted the fact that for many working neuroscientists and others ... Source: Santa Barbara Independent

Professor Ralph Carnegie — epitome of the patient pedagogue

His hirsute and dishevelled appearance conformed to the common view of the absent-minded professor, perpetually lost in a private oeuvre of intellectual reverie. But Professor Carnegie served the UWI in a variety of capacities, including five terms as dean ... Source: Jamaica Observer

Charter school, run by for-profit firm, wins zoning approval

A $7 million, 45,000-square-foot charter school, which will be operated by a for-profit firm, won unanimous zoning approval Tuesday from the Common Council's Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee. The school will be built on 8 acres east of N ... Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Making sense of your new Congress

No rational man ever did govern himself, by abstractions and universals," Burke wrote. "A statesman differs from a professor in a university; the latter has only the general view of society; the former, the statesman, has a number of circumstances to ... Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Norbert Wiener's earlier work may prove more important

Much of Wiener’s earlier work, however, did have such an influence. In the early ’20s, as a newly minted MIT professor, Wiener became interested in Brownian motion, the tendency of a small particle suspended on the surface of a fluid to meander about ... Source: PhysOrg

TV review: MTV replaces shock value for sex appeal in U.S. version of ‘Skins’

But Cassie, who reminds me of a drugged up Luna Lovegood, is much more lovable, sweet, and adorably absent-minded in the British version than the American Cadie, who is kind of sociopathic, wild and anything but likable. Much of the quirk that makes the ... Source: U-Wire.com

Hampton joining Bob Elias Hall of Fame

Hampton appeared in “The Absent Minded Professor” and its remake “Flubber.”  He played a basketball player, of course. After earning both his bachelors and masters degrees at USC, Hampton coached at South and Shafter high schools and at ... Source: Daily Midway Driller