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Let's Play Tales of the Abyss Pt. 25, Dist the Awesome
Romantic Animes - Raise me up
Let's play tales of the abyss: part 8
Tales of the Abyss - Ending (2 of 2)
Black holes: The ultimate abyss 2/6
Tales of the Abyss video 37 - Guy doesn't like girls
slayer - dead skin mask
Venin Abyss: Episode 2 (Sims 2 Vampire Machinima)
Seasons in the abyss Guitardan live at the Gypsy Rose ESP camo
Tales of the Abyss Funny Moments
The Abyss OST
Tales Series
Fangtooth in the Abyss - Blue Planet - BBC wildlife
Tales of Vesperia - 200-Man Melee with Rita (Unknown Mode)
The Abyss Trailer
Let's Play Tales of the Abyss Pt. 25, Dist the Awesome
Aion Online Abyss Siege Tutorials
Soul Reaver 1 - Raziel encounters Kain
Because you Live (LukexTear)
Tales of the Abyss - Costumes
Disturbed - Stricken
Let's Play Tales of the Abyss: 65
Slayer: Seasons in the Abyss (cover)
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Abyss Micro
Apracsas (back)
me abyss form
Luke fon Fabre
Asch the Bloody
Luke fon Fabre 2
Luke fon Fabre fights Asch
Luke fon Fabre
The Abyss back
Young Guy
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Fighting through the abyss

MARTIN LUTHER King Jr., whose birthday was celebrated yesterday, would have written quite a sermon based on a young man in Tunisia. For 23 years, that nation was under the autocratic rule of President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. During that time, he kept his ... Source: Boston Globe

Kansas State is peering into the abyss

The most disappointing college basketball team in the country now faces a five-game stretch that will decide its season. The consequences extend much deeper. So much is wrong with Kansas State. The Wildcats lack leadership, even with a three-year captain ... Source: Kansas City Star

ROCK DOC: Science offers a lifeline out of the abyss of mental illness

Parts of medical science are highly developed areas in which doctors can nail down specific diseases and even sometimes eradicate them. The more vexing — and perhaps more interesting — parts of medical science are those in which we struggle to diagnose ... Source: Standard-Times

SNEAK PREVIEW: "The Abyss - Radio Edit" New Single by Mwalim

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 15, 2011 – BOSTON - Billed as a "Sneaky Leaky Preview" by Daphunkeeprofessor himself, a radio edit teaser of "The Abyss" from Mwalim's forthcoming CD of the same title, a Deep Soulful House project interlaced with Mwalim's ... Source: PRLog (free press release)

What Happens When Sci-fi Goes Underwater Instead of Out in Space? The Abyss, Sphere, and Deep Blue Sea

You've heard that in space nobody can hear you scream, right? And in sci-fi space flicks there will be screaming because a lot can go wrong when you lock people in a tin can and shoot them into space. But you don't have to leave the atmosphere to risk your ... Source: amc

Cultural reconciliation from economic abyss?

Let's forget, for a moment at least, the old United Negro College Fund adage about squandered minds. As James Howell, senior pastor of Myers Park United Methodist Church, proclaimed last week in a slogan more fitting for the times: "An economic crisis is a ... Source: CharlotteObserver.com

The Works: Sizing Up the Final Western Playoff Spots

The Mavericks, on the other hand, are plummeting into the abyss of Father Time's outstretched lap. Portland is gone; Denver appears headed for the scrap heap. At very last, the Nuggets have peaked. The Jazz are intriguing, but aren't serious contenders. Source: FanHouse

The lesson here may be this simple: Mama, do let your babies grow up to be big-league ballplayers

Syracuse, N.Y. -- You’ve read, heard or spoken words similar to the ones that will follow, so there is no new ground being broken here. In fact, this subject is now in the sunrise bin. You know . . . happens every day. But . . . It’s gotten biblical in ... Source: Syracuse Post-Standard

Letters to the editor, January 20

Consider his words: Congress 'stared into the abyss" and "chastened law-markers returned to the Capitol." Wow! Are we to believe the action of a deranged individual "chastened" more than 500 adults and pushed them toward the abyss? Please. He said ... Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Right to a Future: We Need a New Lexicon for Conveying Climate Collapse

James Hansen: "the coming climate catastrophe," "our last chance to save humanity;" Gustav Speth: "system failure," "looking into the abyss." Lester Brown writes: "The signs that our civilization is in trouble are multiplying." That's why we need a new ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com