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American President
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Barry quotSinquot Oburtle
Book The Inspired Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln: How Faith Shaped an American President
The American President
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american president
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american president
The American President
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American Idol Host Jennifer Lopez Will Watch Super Bowl with President Barack Obama

On American Idol the headlines (and the bogus apologies ) seem to be going mainly to host Steven Tyler. But while fellow host Jennifer Lopez might not be making a splash on screen, she's hanging out with the most powerful man in the world off-screen ... Source: Associated Content

The American Debate: GOP cutting Obama slack over Egypt

Hey, check out some of the nice things that people have said lately about Barack Obama: "The president, I think, is handling this [Egypt] situation well, under the most difficult kind of circumstances." "I really have no fault with the president, Obama ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Boehner Says ‘Not My Job’ to Convince People Obama Is American

Republican House Speaker John Boehner , saying he accepts that President Barack Obama is a Christian who was born in Hawaii, said he feels no responsibility to correct people who believe Obama is a Muslim born outside the U.S. “It’s not my job to tell ... Source: Bloomberg

Local Arab-Americans celebrate the unbelievable Friday

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Joy and wonderment, tempered by voices of caution, swept through the Arab-American community of Greater Cleveland ... then it transferred to [Vice President Omar] Suleiman and now it is fragmented even more," he said. Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Israel, America and the New Middle East

That pressure never happened, because it required of an American president that he tell the Congress and the American public that Israel's proclaimed commitment to a withdrawal of the occupation and the establishment of a viable and sovereign Palestinian ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Setting up the battle over President Obama's budget

Social Security is a separate issue. It’s something where we have an obligation to the American people to make sure Social Security is sound for this generation and the next generation. And the president says he wants to work on a bipartisan basis to ... Source: Politico.com

This Day in Black Sports History: Feb. 13, 1920 and the Father of Black Baseball

Andrew "Rube" Foster, considered the best African-American pitcher of the 1900's, was the driving force behind the league's organization and served as its president. With member teams in the South and Midwest, the NNL successfully operated until 1931, and ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

The FBI: Going Rogue

While the FBI's powers were being strengthened, President George W. Bush dismantled the oversight ... In many cases, many of those now under surveillance by the FBI are ordinary American citizens doing nothing more than exercising their First Amendment ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Sen. John McCain on the uprising in Egypt: 'We should have seen this coming' (Sunday talk shows)

it's my job to listen to the American people," he told David Gregory. He said he'd made it clear what he believed the facts to be: "I believe that the president is a citizen, I believe the president is a Christian, I take him at his word." But "the ... Source: Washington Post

The Failure of the Republican Party and President Obama's Healthcare Plan

If America is to move forward, it will take many Republican Senators and governors to help President Obama's healthcare become a reality for every American whom cannot afford doctor visits. It is time to cut through the croc and bull, and help the people ... Source: Associated Content