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I Killed a Cop Once
The Zionists & Their Historical Notoriety Of Enmity Towards Muslims/P2/2
Untitled Song
Alanis Morissette - All I Really Want (Live)
Get Well Soon - Angry Young Man [Official Video]
The Music Played - Matt Monro
Conor Oberst solo [Bright Eyes] Arienette
MASS EFFECT 2 / PC / gameplay / HD3850 / HD / (!spoiler!)
Alanis Morissette - 01 - All i really want - legendado em PT-BR & EN-US
A Break in the Silence
Radio Silence Broken
Brian Head Welch - (01) Love (Full album version)
The Flag
Nothing Personal - original song
Protesters At UCSD
The Zionists & Their Historical Notoriety Of Enmity Towards Muslims/P2/2
Rhapsody of Fire - Eternal Glory
One Year Ago US Media lied, Now Keeps Silence As Truth About Horrific War Prevailed
Edward and Bella - Hide Away
George Galloway questions British authorities on silencing Press TV through Ofcom!
Hillary Clinton Outraged in the Congo
In the Silence
Hide away - Not Without Grace
superstar + lyrics
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angry silence
The Angry Silence - Momentum DVD (top) vs Optimum DVD (bottom)
Oliver Reed in 'The Angry Silence' 2
British Lion logo
The Angry Silence - Momentum DVD (top) vs Optimum DVD (bottom)
Oliver Reed in 'The Angry Silence' 1
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Israeli intolerance shows up on Internet, in Knesset, on the street

Leaders of the targeted groups likened the move to a "McCarthyist witch hunt" designed to silence government criticism. But it's not only liberals and minority groups who are facing attack. Some of the same religious and political groups who are backing ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Why the Real Threat Is Islamophobia, Not Islam

When you hear the word "terrorist," who comes to mind? Basque separatists in white hoods? Anarchists wearing bandanas with five-pointed stars? Or perhaps some right- or left-wing pariah building bombs in basements? My guess is that none of these characters ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

What I learned from the ACC (Bowl Edition)

1. Florida State is an early favorite for 2011 - After dropping back-to-back games to North Carolina State and at home to North Carolina , Florida State looked like they had not completely shaken the consistency issues that have plagued the Seminoles in ... Source: CBS Sports


Breaking News this morning: One of the two men who tackled and apprehended Loughner, was carrying concealed. He was on Fox News in an interview and he said he feels safer being able to carry concealed, and that this incident "reinforces" that belief. He ... Source: Gather.com

The Tucson tragedy: over the line

I gasped when I saw the picture on my Facebook news feed. Joe Jervis, creator of the widely followed gay blog Joe.My.God , posted a separated at birth-like coupling of alleged Tucson murderer Jared Lee Loughner and Fox News's Glenn Beck. Folks, this is ... Source: Washington Post

End of an era as Wonder Bread plant in Jamaica, Queens ready to shut off the ovens

The decision to close the facility left employees surprised and angry. Ramos said he accepted a job at the Hostess garage across the street that pays $2.25 less per hour than his painting gig. "For the last three months, they've had a noose around our ... Source: New York Daily News

Angry father chased suspect in Arizona massacre into desert hours before the shooting rampage

TUCSON, Ariz. - Mysterious black bag in hand, Jared Loughner ran into the desert, his angry father stopping pursuit in his truck. Hours after Randy Loughner's futile confrontation with his 22-year-old son Saturday morning, six people were shot dead and ... Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Silent electric bike helps police keep the peace

Powered by a lithium-ion battery (which takes four hours to recharge) the bike hardly makes a sound -- thus allowing police to exercise their own right to silence before uttering a similar sentence to law-breakers. Police departments all over the world are ... Source: CNN

Be honest about the effects of the political rhetoric

While most Americans are asking, "How did the dialogue get so coarse?," the right is crying , "they're trying to silence conservative opposition." Why is the American right so angry? That has never really been clear. But from the 2000 "Brooks Brothers riot ... Source: San Francisco Gate

Which NFL announcing booths are the most and least talkative?

Harlan was the chattiest play-by-play man, speaking 120.9 words-per-minute, while Kenny Albert was the quietest at 55.9. Seeing as how Albert fights with Daryl Johnston (99.3 wpm, the most of any color man) and Tony Siragusa for air-time, his relative ... Source: YAHOO!