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the Barefoot Maverick
Business and Bikers?
B-Day Dinner at Disney for @BobtheTeacher and @MarkShilensky (AKA Battle of the FLIP cameras)☺
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What Stops You? Allen From West Africa Doesn't Let Anything Stop Him
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Darren Barefoot on Social Web of Change
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Facebook Famous - (Using A Facebook Group To Make Money)
Extreme Business Makeovers XBM 2010 - Meet Bob Burg - Learn How Go Givers Sell More
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Daniel DiCrisciochats with Chef Susan Irby at Taste of Ladera's Celebrity Chef Challenge
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Grace Chatting Relationship Coaching: The Marriage Breakthough Experience
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Daniel DiCriscio chats' with Chef Rochelle Taylor at Taste of Ladera's Celebrity Chef Challenge
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Barefoot Executive Mastermind Redefined 2009 Cruise
The Barefoot Executive
Barefoot Executive Mastermind Redefined 2009 Cruise
Barefoot Executive Mastermind Redefined 2009 cruise
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Wal-Mart Leads the Way on Obesity–in Both Directions

Wal-Mart is making well-deserved headlines today with its announcement, at a press conference joined by First Lady Michelle Obama, that it is committed to lowering sodium content by 25% and sugar by 10%, and eliminating many trans-fats completely, in its ... Source: Forbes (blog)

God is My Rock: How the Earth Reveals the Divine

The sound of a foghorn bleated from an offshore buoy like a blind person groping in darkness. I was running around with my brother and friends, barefoot. The stiff blades of crabgrass and the sandy soil were abrasive and cold on my feet. Slivers of ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Glenforest coach leads push to get shoes to needy kids around the world

The 17-year veteran at the small Class A SCISA school in West Columbia was named the 2010 Samaritan’s Feet Barefoot Coach of the Year. As part of the honor, he attended the NCAA Final Four in Indianapolis and was recognized at the Legends of the Hardwood ... Source: The State

Canzano: The Ducks have crossed the line at Matt Court

So I checked with Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director Jim Bartko ... Either that, or the Ducks should just go all the way and show up in tie-dyed uniforms and play barefoot on the thing. We couldn't have this debate about any other university ... Source: Oregonian

The Gabrielle Giffords tragedy

I don't suppose I have much more to add to what has already been said about the terrorism in Arizona. Still, I feel compelled to say something. There have been many, many people who have repeatedly warned that this kind of thing was coming. My voice was ... Source: Gather.com

Steve Carell leaving 'The Office' early

PASADENA, Calif.—Steve Carell will be leaving "The Office" early. The NBC comedy's executive producer, Greg Daniels, says Carell will be gone before the season-ending episodes in May. The final episodes of the season will focus on the scrambling to ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

Bring home the title at this year's Tree-Athlon

Six weeks later, however, the Barefoot Runners of India Foundation recruited 306 ... soon so you can come and help us smash the record again!” Sharon Johnson, Chief Executive of Trees for Cities, said: “Last year’s Tree-Athlon was a great day and the ... Source: PRLog (free press release)

Just to the west, new health jobs

Space Coast Cancer Center Executive Director Nancy Payne said there are many advantages to having a medical school, medical research facilities and two specialized hospitals nearby at Lake Nona. "It definitely increases research and scientific ... Source: Florida Today

'Youth of the Year' finalists speak out

Executive Director Peter Fortenbaugh called the Youth of the ... My dad, my father, left me there crying to myself, with thin clothes on and barefoot. But when someone lets drugs take a hold of them, irresponsibility is inevitable. Source: The Almanac Online

ROB WOUTAT | Open More Doors for the Homeless

Forgive us for pretending to care for the poor, when we do not like poor people and do not want them in our homes. — The Litany for Holy Communion of the United Presbyterian Church (1968) Finally there has been some good news for the homeless people of ... Source: Kitsap Sun