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Need To Breathe - Something Beautiful
Outsider. Video diary Sept 09
machine - Ooh Yeah
The Outsiders - October
Arizona Fusion Centers and a message from AZDPS.gov ::DISTURBING::
An Englishman in New York (Trailer)
[RBN] Flight Of The Conchords - The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) Expert Guitar 100% FC.avi
Something Beautiful - Needtobreathe (Live @ Workplay)
Dread The Beautiful ; Twenty-seven
needtobreathe something beautiful acoustic @ the handlebar in greenville, sc
Needtobreathe--Something Beautiful
Needtobreathe Something Beautiful LIVE + Unplugged!
Something Beautiful -- Needtobreathe
Something Beautiful by Needtobreathe @ Peoples Court.
JIMMY JAMES video tribute to THE MARILYN YEARS ('83-'97)
Something Beautiful - Needtobreathe
Beautiful Cleveland
NeedToBreathe - Something Beautiful
Learning a thing or two; Prosperity, Fear and Idealism
Something Beautiful - Needtobreathe @ Bonnaroo 2010
trailer STARE FUORI. ( Left Out )
the earth is not for humans anymore!
Something Beautiful - needtobreathe (cover) - daysend
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The State of the City, Block by Block

ANONYMOUS The Block: Westervelt Avenue between Carroll Place and St. Marks Place, St. George, Staten Island The State: When the crack house across the street burned not long ago, it became the last in a line of beautiful, historic, and totally neglected ... Source: New York Times Blogs

Top home sale in the Baltimore area in December

The Baltimore-area housing market topped out at $3.2 million in December. The property above shows what those buyers got for their money. The home, on about 3.5 acres of land where the South River meets Selby Bay in Anne Arundel County, has its own pier ... Source: Weblogs.baltimoresun.com

The Steelers and Jets finally bust out some trash talk, kind of

We were spoiled last week. Leading up to their Sunday evening playoff game, the Jets and Patriots did everything but talk about each other's mamas. There was legitimate intense dislike between the teams, and while the NFL might not have liked it (or at ... Source: YAHOO!

The Neuroscience Of Music

One way to answer these questions is to zoom out, to look at the music and not the neuron. While music can often seem (at least to the outsider) like a labyrinth of intricate patterns – it’s art at its most mathematical – it turns out that the most ... Source: Wired News

Why Peace Is the Business of Men (But Shouldn't Be): A Modest Proposal for the Immodest Brotherhood of ...

Looking for a way out of Afghanistan?  Maybe it’s time to try something entirely new and totally different.  So how about putting into action, for the first time in recorded history, the most enlightened edict ever passed by the United Nations Security ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

America: The Grim Truth

Americans, I have some bad news for you: You have the worst quality of life in the developed world – by a wide margin. If you had any idea of how people really lived in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many parts of Asia, you’d be ... Source: Gather.com

Michael Koryta picks a familiar setting for 'The Cypress House,' his latest novel: Florida

It sends them to the house of the title, an isolated beachfront speakeasy some 50 miles north of Tampa Bay, where a beautiful young woman with a ... Still, I made my protagonist an outsider. You can't sell a character as local unless you are a local. Source: St. Petersburg Times

'Lastingness': The Creative Art Of Growing Old

The image at the end of all those hours with pen and pencil/typewriter/word processor is that of a finished book, with its beautiful trimmed edges and ... The slow shift in status from outsider to elder statesman describes the arc of a career that's not so ... Source: NPR News

Canzano: The Ducks have crossed the line at Matt Court

And they've been unwilling to accept healthy constructive criticism from outsiders. So I checked with Executive ... The new court looks better in person than on television. But as beautiful as the arena is, the court detracts both from the building and the ... Source: Oregonian

In the chatroom with the cyber guerrillas

A look inside some of the main online forums suggests that those behind the WikiLeak-inspired attacks are patient, coordinate almost organically, and remain wary of outsiders ... Anonymous as a whole is a beautiful concept. But I think these operations can ... Source: msnbc.com