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Cool Off Music Video - Yeng
Margaret Cho and Lucas Silveira Sing Hey Big Dog at Dinah Shore '09
Famous Black Gay/Bisexual Men & Women
Mike Conley Jr. - Give Me A Chance MIX by MISIEK
Heather Daniels - Wardrobe Malfunction - Atlanta Backstreet Reunion Party - Jungle Club
A Merrier Hour Was Never Wasted There - RG Short #10
Studio Gangstas Pimped by the Music Industry
COMÉDIA MTV - Vizinhos da Vizinhança
STEVE HAYES: Tired Old Queen at the Movies #2
daddy's big girl - 45 sec. trailer
Big Ten Inch
Leaders of Men (Little Big Planet Dub) - Little BIG Music (LittleBigPlanet Soundtrack)
Interview with the directors of The Big Gay Musical
Sandara Park Movie: Bcuz of U (PART 4)
Straight-Up Gay in 40 seconds!
I wanna go straight to heaven (The big gay musical)
Vesna Pisarovic - Neka ljudi govore
The Village - MTV's First Gay Reality Show
Lady GaGa - Alejandro (Supergay) - (Alejandro PARODY music video)
Gay Harry Potter
New Orleans Bounce Exposed on NBC - Late Night w/ Carson Daly - Big Freedia the Queen Diva
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Big Gay Musical pas de deux
Movies Under the Stars - Sat 29th Jan - Big Gay Musical
Big Gay Musical
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On the big screen, 2010 was the year of the woman

And unlike in Milk and so many (past) gay movies, the lead characters (in Kids ) don't die," he says. Can't get much more normal than that. Last year, Mo'Nique won the supporting-actress prize for one of the most vile maternal figures to ever grace the big ... Source: USA Today

Praying Through Music: The History of Sacred Notation

The musical arts of the Roman Catholic Church rank among its greatest contributions to contemporary culture. Music existed outside of the Church, of course. But it was the Catholic Church that first truly cultivated the art as we know it. In the service of ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Music Review: Tito Munoz, Narek Hakhnazaryan, with the Pasadena Symphony at Ambassador ...

For all of the turmoil of the last year, the Pasadena Symphony has done one undisputedly great thing this season: moving into Ambassador Auditorium. The finest concert hall in Southern California before it went dark for nine years, now one of a number of ... Source: Los Angeles Times

The State of the City, Block by Block

Google Maps Up close, things look different. On Tuesday, as Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg prepared to give his State of the City address, we asked you to address us on the state of your block . Several dozen of you wrote in, some with remarkable ... Source: New York Times Blogs

Gay teens: Do they belong on the tween networks?

Such channels, which aim most of their programming at pre-adolescents, make for a tricky environment when it comes to introducing gay characters ... The High School Musical movies were notorious for their chastity — though their characters were supposed ... Source: Entertainment Weekly Online

Classical Resolutions: Jonathan Biss Challenges The New And Old

I think that's great. Not only do I agree that some aspects of the concert/recorded musical worlds are not functioning as well as they ought to, but also I think any art form — particularly one in which much of the art in question has been around for a ... Source: NPR News

What Snyder said and did not say in his State of the State address

Social issues Topics such as abortion, gay marriage and civil unions are not on Snyder's agenda, but with a Legislature controlled by Republicans, can a battle be far off? Snyder says he will focus on economic development in rural communities and ... Source: Detroit News

Sideshow: J-Lo wants you 'On the Floor'

Consider this my official request: I'd appreciate $5 mil, please. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation on Thursday announced nominations for its 22d annual Media Awards for "outstanding" portrayals of same-sex equality issues. Scientology founder L. Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Movie Review: No Strings Attached May Want You for Your Body, but It's Not Worth the Trouble

Now she's a medical student, and he's a would-be television writer for a High School Musical -type show. Emma is just too busy and neurotic to be in a real relationship. She suggests that since she's got a body like Natalie Portman and since he has one ... Source: Entertainment Online

Ricky Gervais kinda, sorta apologizes about the Golden Globes: 'I hope no one was truly offended.'

Ricky Gervais went on Piers Morgan Tonight to say, “I don’t think I did anything wrong” during the Golden Globes, and that “you’ve got to be true to yourself.” Morgan provided Gervais with a glass of beer and promised, “We’re gonna get low- ... Source: Entertainment Weekly