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Strange Days at Blake Holsey High Season 2: Stopwatch pt1
もしもブラックホールが発生したら black hole experiment
What's Inside a Black Hole?
Black Holes Discovered In Globular Clusters
Black hole destroying a star
Black Hole(Kor)-Ichyuchin Junjaeng(1995).wmv
Scotty - The black pearl (Dave Darell Radio Edit)
Gojira - The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
Feynman 'Fun to Imagine' 9: Big Numbers and Stuff... (Part One of Two)
The Hawking Paradox (Part 4)
Black Hole Be Your Own PET
Supermassive Black Holes
Hole - Burn Black
Super Smash Brothers Melee: The Black Hole
Gamma Ray - Beyond The Black Hole Live
Chandra Discovers Baby Black Hole Neighbor
A Black Hole Warps The Fabric Of Space-Time
The Hawking Paradox (Part 5)
Kostya Veter featuring Madelin Zero - Envy
Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox - The Lilt (ProgressiveR remix)
Hubblecast 15: Black hole found in Omega Centauri
Science / Space: Milky Way's black hole may blow bubbles
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Supermassive Black Hole
black hole sun
Black hole
Black hole
Black Hole Combined
supermassive black hole
The black hole
Black Hole
Black Hole animation
black hole
black hole
The Black Hole
Black Hole Sun
black hole slam
black hole
black hole
Black hole
ego death
The black hole
black hole
Black Hole Sun
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The Black Hole In The News

The Robert Bobb Legacy: State legislators consider bill to give emergency financial managers ...

Only recently has the board begun talk of a search for a superintendent, and even that sounds like little more than an excuse to toss more tax dollars into the black hole of "consultancy. " Yes, to be fair, the search should be deliberate and thorough. Source: MLive.com

Where black holes meet geometry: Kobe Bryant and the next evolution of passing statistics

A week ago, my esteemed SB Nation colleague Tom Ziller created a Black Hole Index . If you haven't already seen it, you should check it out, if for no other reason than to appreciate an aesthetically awesome chart. The chart plots the NBA's top guards on ... Source: silverscreenandroll.com

A Black Hole Definitely Lurks in the Milky Way

The central region of our galaxy is most definitely inhabited by a black hole, says a team of researchers that analyzed the orbits of stars at the core of our galaxy, as they were spinning around its very center. In-depth analysis of the stellar ... Source: Softpedia

Detroit Pistons Need Another Adrian Dantley in the Low Post

They used to call it, both in jest and with some annoyance, “The Black Hole.” The Pistons were the team, and they sometimes ran a funny kind of offense. The basketball would get dumped into the low post—an area that today’s Pistons are totally ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

Giant Black Hole Ring Exposed

In an image released yesterday, February 9, officials at NASA announce the discovery of an impressive string of black holes, which lie in order inside a circular structure millions of light-years away. Scientists say that the new views of the ring-like ... Source: Softpedia

The Black Hole of Global Warming Spending

In 2011, your federal government will spend $10.6 million a day on climate change. Annual expenditures will be about $4 billion on global warming research—now called climate change–despite the fact that there has been no global warming since 1998, says ... Source: Front Page

For Fully Mature Black Holes, Time Stands Still

The end of a black hole’s evolution may be a mind-bending kind of space-time independent of time. A new study proposes a method to tell how far any black hole is from reaching this end state. Black holes are some of the weirdest things in the universe. Source: msnbc.com

Movie Review: 'The Road' (2009) - the Greatest Sci-Fi Film Since 'Blade Runner'

The film feels like one big, swirling, nihilistic black hole of hopelessness, and I loved every single minute of it. Not all films must show a patch of green grass or an untouched island, when the world ends...sometimes it just ends...no second chances. Source: Associated Content

Westcore Intersects 84.3-Metre Composite Coal Interval in First Hole at Quasar and Provides Update on ...

The coal lies directly beneath mudstones and siltstones of the Cretaceous Joli Fou Formation, a stratigraphic unit typically found overlying coal deposits at Black Diamond. The hole intersected four major coal units in all, ranging in thickness from 4.6 to ... Source: Yahoo Finance


Not even Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at a smelter inauguration, Bloomberg promotion, lashings of gold paint on the factory walls, and fourteen hundred spotless white worker uniforms have given Chelyabinsk Pipe (Chelpipe, ChTPZ), Russia’s third ... Source: GlobalPost