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The Crazies
The Crazies
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The Crazies
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The Bachelor Season 15 Episode 8: Is Michelle Really Crazy or Just a Hired Actress?

If she wasn't so beautiful, Womack would have dumped her a long time ago with the other crazies. Tonight on episode 8, Michelle reached new height for craziness. Showing up unexpectedly at Womack's door, she tried to convince Womack that none of the other ... Source: Associated Content

Around the region: Joy, tragedy, coping and mor

I was talking to one of the guys today who said, because there’s been so much warning, the crazies wouldn’t be out,” he said. “I told him that it means only the crazies will be out, and they are.” Staying overnight at work isn’t quite as much ... Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Sports Soundoff: The biggest factors in recruiting

I see where the football crazies are influencing recruits. Brent Calloway, who switched to Auburn from Alabama during the Army All-Star Game, had his Facebook account light up with death threats and all kinds of nastiness from Bama fans after he switched to Auburn. Source: Birmingham News

Macho oozing from every pore: ‘The Mechanic'

It's nearly his undoing. Foster has made a career of playing high-octane crazies, and he almost capsizes “The Mechanic” before it really gets moving. Would a cautious man like Arthur really tolerate such a loose cannon in his corner? OK, OK. Source: MySanAntonio

Movie Review: Witness the Insanity of Fox's 'Asylum' (2008)

No, chances are you're going to want to see these cardboard crazies offed in grisly ways by a cool supernatural stalker and that's exactly what you'll get, nothing more or less. I can't really say I was disappointed in a film that promised absolutely ... Source: Associated Content

The Man Behind the Ace Empire

We were stupid enough to take it with all its tenants in it,” Mr. Weigel said. “It was just a nightmare. It was a bunch of crazies. People would throw toilets out the window.” During renovations, the partners brought in their friend Doug Herrick to ... Source: New York Times

The Anarchist Cookbook Turns 40

So have abortion-clinic bombers, school shooters, and small armies of would-be revolutionaries—a sad cavalcade of crazies with twisted ideals and horrible ambitions. Here’s a timeline of DIY destruction. — M.H. 1976 Croatian nationalists hijack a ... Source: Wired News

Morris: Change the atmosphere to draw more fans

By shifting the cameras, TV viewers will see the “Garnet Army” in full force, much like they see the “Cameron Crazies” for Duke games at Cameron Indoor Stadium. 4. Eliminate disc jockey Every full timeout has become like one of those bad used car ... Source: The State

Will Matthew Perry's 'Mr. Sunshine' Officially Break the 'Friends' Curse? (VIDEO)

Mr. Sunshine' follows Ben Donovan, the manager of a mid-tier sports arena who's trying to get his life in order at age 40 while a cast of crazies surrounds him in an already bizarre work environment. "I thought that would be really a funny place to put a ... Source: Tvsquad.com

Letters to the Editor: Arizona shootings

Being troubled is a long way from shooting someone in the head. You don’t call the crazies in prison “troubled.” Threatening or dangerous is more like it, and if it has come to the place where they really think they have the right to kill people, we ... Source: Idaho Statesman