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Dirty Dozen Brass Band @ Louisiana Music Factory JazzFest 2007
RUtv News Week Nov 1
Dirty Dozen Brass Band 12.9.07
Blu-Ray Bullshit: The Dirty Dozen
Upset (JA) // King Cannon - Thunderstorm \\ www.dirty-dozen.at
My Feet Can't Fail me Now-The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Expanding Upon EWG's Dirty Dozen & Clean 15
Mass Effect 2 - Dirty Dozen Trailer
Dirty Dozen Fantasy Football Week 11
The Dutch Dirty Dozen Kreidler Florett RS Daytona Riders Day 2
John Bell, Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Use Me
Recycling's Dirty Dozen: No Plastic Bags 60 secs
Dirty Dozen (1967) - Give Nr 11 a shave!
The Dirty Dozen Trailer (Fan Made)
UCC Royal Brass Band & The Dirty Dozen Brass Band Part 1
Mass Effect 2: The Dirty Dozen
The Dirty Dozen & Clean 15
In Living Color - Dirty Dozens
The Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen Trailer by Global Ride
Ben Murphy in Dirty Dozen: A Quiet Weekend in the Country
Dirty Dozen...Millvale
He's Just No Good for You
Top 12 Foods You Must Buy Organic!
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Dirty Dozen
The Dirty Dozen
Dirty Dozen Chantel
Dirty Dozen
BVI and Loved It
The Dirty Dozen
dirty dozen 1st ball
Dirty Dozen Brass Band
dirty dozen
dirty dozen hang loose
The Dirty Dozen
dirty dozen chain
Midnight Run
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Hamilton the big star at Rangers Fan Fest

ARLINGTON -- Call it the autograph every Rangers fan had to have. As Josh Hamilton walked into a rock star's welcome at Rangers Fan Fest on Sunday at about 4:20 p.m. CT -- fashionably 20 minutes late -- fans lined up across from each other for a couple of ... Source: New York Yankees

The Dirty Dozen Performance Appraisal Errors

Some management mavens have questioned the utility of performance appraisals, calling for their abolition. But if done correctly, appraisals can stimulate productivity, shape culture, reward excellent performance, provide notice to employees who need ... Source: BusinessWeek

Black Eyed Peas win at 2011 NRJ Music Awards: Perform 'The Time' (Video)

However, a moment of pure pleasure had to be the live performance of ‘The Time (the Dirty Bit)’ by the group. Singing and dancing on stage, they shocked the viewers with a 3D ending that was breathtaking. The song was performed with a half dozen ... Source: Examiner

IRS Audit Red Flags: The Dirty Dozen

Ever wonder why some tax returns are audited by the IRS while most are ignored? Well, there's a whole host of reasons to this age-old question. The IRS audits only about 1% of all individual tax returns annually. The agency doesn't have enough personnel ... Source: On Milwaukee

Year of the Rabbit: Deadly start for impulse pet buys

Dead rabbits are showing up in Chinese mailboxes as pets ordered for the Year of the Rabbit aren’t surviving the shipping process, the Shanghai Daily reports. The Year of the Rabbit commences on February 3 under the Chinese lunar calendar and bunnies are ... Source: CNN (blog)

The Robot in the Next Cubicle

Between the global economic downturn and stubborn unemployment, the last few years have not been kind to the workforce. Now a new menace looms. At just five feet tall and 86 pounds, the HRP-4 may be the office grunt of tomorrow. The humanoid robot ... Source: YAHOO!

What to Look for in the Jets-Steelers AFC Championship Game

While the Jets under Rex Ryan are known as a blitzing team, it's a controlled blitz. Against the Steelers in the regular season, New York never sent more than five rushers on a pass play. Here are Pittsburgh's numbers against the different rush packages ... Source: FanHouse

What was the Orioles' best move this offseason?

It’s been quiet in the bar this week. Seems like everyone has a hangover from Saturday night. We’ll look at how most of us did in our Ravens-Steelers predictions (not well) this Friday, but I wanted to open this place up today and talk a little ... Source: Weblogs.baltimoresun.com

How Kari Lehtonen has the Stars shining again in Dallas

There once was a time when Kari Lehtonen (notes) won 34 games in a season and helped lead the Atlanta Thrashers to the 2007 Stanley Cup playoffs; the first, and only, postseason appearance in franchise history. At the time, that was considered progress for ... Source: YAHOO!

A Dozen Ways to Eliminate the Middle Class

Cleaning out my files at year's end, I came across notes that I wrote in early 2002 on a dozen ways to eliminate America's middle class through the actions of government and private industry. I must have put the notes away because it did not seem possible ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com