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Thunderbolt! - Living Warbirds - World War II Training Film - Documentary
Manga Minutes 05/18/2009
ZR1 Vette vs Jet! - Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Races A US Navy Fighter Jet
My E3 Recap - 2008
Super Street Fighter 4 Nintendo 3DS Edition: Developer Video
The Box Arena (Super Street Fighter IV) - 2v2 Low Tier vs. FMRITA - pt.2 (SSF4 Gameplay/Commentary)
Botchamania 146
The Devil Wears Prada - HTML Rulez D00d
sugar ray robinson P4P
The Box Arena (Super Street Fighter IV) - 2v2 Battle: Combotecks vs. FMRITA (SSF4 Gameplay)
Cross Counter - Gootecks & Mike Ross feat. EG.Ricky O (Rufus) vs. Alex Valle (Ryu)
Action Jackson and the Fighter Review
Street Fighter Stupidity 2: Headbite Harder!
The Box Arena (Super Street Fighter IV) - 2v2 Battle: Low Tier vs. Nice Jacket (Gameplay/Commentary)
Rites of Passage
The Box Arena (Super Street Fighter IV) - Mike Ross Fan Club vs Father&Son (SSF4 Gameplay/Commentary)
Voltron vs. Dracotron
The Fighter - Trailer 2
The Box Arena (Super Street Fighter IV) - 2v2 Battle: High Horse vs. Great Decision pt.1 (SSF4)
BBC: Bugatti Veyron vs Euro Fighter Typhoon Drag Race - Top Gear
FIGHTER - BirdStrike Flameout Eject Crash
TPF 7 - Seth Baczynski vs. Tim McKenzie
Street Fighter to.....Brokeback Mountain?
IGN Daily Fix, 3-9: FFXIII US Release, New Fighter For SSFIV, & Rock Band 3
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anime fighter girl
Fighter Sprite
F7U-33M Fighter HobbyCraft 148
McKickaha Eyrie Fighter Carrier
street fighter
street fighter
lover and fighter
big fighter
Midnight Fighter
FS-86 Flak Suppression Fighter
Rugal Bernstein
little fighter
No 105 Squadron
Army Type 1 Fighter (Ki-43 'Oscar') Captured Hollandia NEI 1944
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Mayor Sanders excited about fighter jet flight

SAN DIEGO (CNS) - Mayor Jerry Sanders is scheduled to take a demonstration flight in a F/A-18 fighter jet Friday at MCAS Miramar as part of events leading up to the centennial celebration of naval aviation. Displays of aircraft from the first biplanes to ... Source: KFMB

'The Fighter's' Dicky Eklund talks to Men's Journal

The real life Dicky Eklund, played by Christian Bale in the Oscar-nominated film "The Fighter," has not had anything close to a simple life since his on-screen story cut to black after the 2000 fight crowning his half-brother, Micky Ward, WBU World ... Source: Los Angeles Times

"The Fighter" Joins the List of Best Boxing Films

With the appearance of 'The Fighter', there is now a new star in the constellation of top boxing movies of all time. There's something so naturally dramatic about a boxing match where two men have to go face to face in the most elemental kind of rivalry ... Source: Associated Content

Drew Barrymore Celebrates the Fighter with Good Food – and Friends!

Drew Barrymore was on-hand to catch up with friends Eva Mendes and Hilary Swank at a Dewar's Signature-hosted bash at the Brentwood, Calif., home of  Fighter producer David Hoberman. Dressed in a sequined skirt, top and blazer, Barrymore was a bundle of ... Source: People

Catherine Harwicke: 'The Fighter' Producers' Sexism Stopped Me From Directing The Film

And the Academy Award for sexism goes to... "The Fighter" is one of the year's top rated films, an emotional powerhouse and family, love and loyalty -- but one famous director claims its producers its producers need their own lesson in morality. Catherine ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

The Fighter Movie Review (2010)

People always love movies with characters they can relate to, root for and believe in! Someone's story that gives them something or someone to be inspired by. The Fighter is definitely that movie, where viewers get a glimpse into the life of boxer Irish ... Source: Associated Content

Mark Wahlberg: 'The Fighter' Star Says 7-Year Old Daughter Went On A Date (VIDEO)

Mark Wahlberg was a troublemaking kid that grew up fast, but his daughter may have him beat. Then again, he probably didn't go see Disney movies. Wahlberg, the star of "The Fighter," appeared on "The Tonight Show" on Monday night and dished about, among ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

The Fighter: Shawn Thornton’s fists say it all

T he Bruins [ team stats ] had their I-am-Spartacus moment last night at the Garden, with a slight twist. “I am Shawn Thornton,” they all yelled, the Bruins so hell-bent on dropping the gloves with the Dallas Stars that eight fighting majors were ... Source: Boston Herald

Morning Shots: Did 'The Fighter' Have To Be Directed By A Man?

Attention, e-book nerds: If your nerd-hood takes the form of Kindle use, you may be interested in the fact that a software update will introduce page numbering that corresponds to the page numbers in (at least some) print editions. Obviously, some books ... Source: NPR News

Oscar analysis: Christian Bale's evolution, from 'American Psycho' to 'The Fighter'

I expected Christian Bale to absolutely devour the screen in “The Fighter.” If that had happened, it probably would have been merely entertaining. Instead, his Best Supporting Actor Oscar-nominated portrayal of crack-addicted former boxer Dicky Eklund ... Source: MLive.com