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Fortune Cookie Soap!
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6 Minutes (worst fortune cookie ever)
Fortune Cookie Soap Haul/Review
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Food Facts & Information : Who Invented the Fortune Cookie?
GIANT Fancy Fortune Cookie - Lucky in Costume -Taste Test
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RIP fortune cookie
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Fortune Cookie Project
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Fortune Cookie
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Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
Majestic Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie
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Fortune Cookie
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Fortune cookie
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Funny Chinese
Fortune Cookie
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A year of living wisely through fortune cookies

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Matt Kelsey is a writer, so it's natural to think he cooked up his fortune-cookie blog with visions of "Julie & Julia" dancing in his head. You know: blog begets book begets movie. But that's not the way it happened. Having been laid ... Source: Seattle Times

As the World Turns, My Fortune Spins

Still, no matter how stuffed you are from the lo mein and moo-shu pork, you always have enough room for the fortune cookie, because it's always great fun to imagine the future. (Although not as fun as it must be to invent the future. Fortune cookie writers ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

KCK man follows his fortune cookies

Matt Kelsey is a writer, so it’s natural to think he cooked up his fortune-cookie blog with visions of “Julie & Julia” dancing in his head. You know: blog begets book begets movie. But that’s not the way it happened. Having been laid off from the ... Source: Kansas City Star

Forget the sign of Aquarius… try “The Age of Aquarius” instead! And let the sunshine in…

Personally, I have no use for horoscopes.  The ones printed in the Times Union and the ones that show up on my friends’ Facebook posts are barely fortune cookie platitudes that rarely deviate from “something good is going to happen to you.”  Source: Albany Times Union (blog)

In 'The King's Speech,' Guy Pearce explores the royal pains of the man who abdicated

After the abdication, the couple were more or less exiled from the royal fold, both because his family disapproved of David's new wife and because before leaving, he squirreled away a fortune for his personal use. "I think David felt terrible about that ... Source: The State

Cleveland's best, worst movies over the years

A year later, they decide to visit her. Roger Ebert calls it "a treasure from one end to the other." 6. "The Fortune Cookie" -- (1966, 7.4 rating.) Billy Wilder's delightful comedy about a crooked lawyer (Walter Matthau) who persuades his cameraman brother ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

The obscene wealth of the U.S. elite

But many of us have college-educated sons and daughters who can't find suitable employment. Fortune Magazine reported that the 500 largest U.S. companies cut a record 821,000 jobs in 2009 while their collective profits increased to a record $391 billion. Source: Socialist Worker Online

Twin Cities firms among Fortune's 'best' list

Minneapolis-based General Mills ranked 58th on Fortune Magazine ’s latest list of the 100 Best Companies to Work for and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester ranked 61st. General Mills improved its rank on the annual list after placing 90th on the previous list ... Source: Birmingham Business Journal

Pop Culture Happy Hour: The Movies Of 2011 And The Wisdom Of Favre

After that, we play a rousing game called "Phil, Favre, or Fortune Cookie," which you will simply have to hear for yourself. Team PCHH performed well, but sometimes, you just don't know which font of wisdom is responsible for a particular pithy nugget. Source: NPR News

'Lost in Shadow' review: If 'Limbo' and 'Shadow of the Colossus' had a mutant baby, it might look something like ...

When you find them, you’re treated to one of three things: Shameless exposition (“I need to be careful that I don’t get squashed by the shadows when the light moves”); fortune cookie-worthy aphorisms (“Each time we fade away we leave behind a ... Source: Entertainment Weekly Online