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Christopher Hitchens on the Head Start Program, Economic Stimulus, Education, Schools (1993-3)
Davos Annual Meeting 2010 - Rethinking Values in the Post-Crisis World
06/21/10: Press Briefing by Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton
OPRE - A Roundtable on the Role of Policy Research in State and Local Policymaking
Meaningful Use 101 for the Safety Net Community
Supreme Court: The Term in Review (2009-2010) Part 2 of 2
Davos Open Forum 2010 - After the Financial Crisis: Consequences and Lessons Learned
Davos Annual Meeting 2010 - Dodging the Double Dip?
Europe 2010 - The Future Evolution of the Eurozone
Loose Change 9/11 documentary part 1
Ron Paul on AntiWar Radio: Mosque Demagoguery Is Bipartisan
Authors@Google: Yoram Bauman
Epstein and Taylor: Are we all Keynesians now?
The Process of Service-Learning: Meeting National Priorities and Improving Results
Testing a Forex Trading System Before Risking Money
Keynesian Man
TZM - Where Are We Going? | Topic: Evolutionary Baggage | 1/13 [HD]
Davos Annual Meeting 2010 - Rethinking Compensation Models
Obama: We're Beginning to Turn The Corner On Jobs, Economy
Jim Tuscher 10 of 12: Politics and Fighting for Money
Chairman Bernanke at the Federal Reserve System Town Hall Meeting with Educators
The Market Went Down, The Market Went Up...Now What Do I Do?
Silvio Gesell - Free Money & The Natural Economic Order
CSULB Economic Stabilization Act Panel Discussion
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Buying Gold and Silver in the Dips

CNBC didn't have much. The two main reasons FMX outlines for this movement in silver would either be an interest rate move (none) or metals delivery issues. If metals delivery issues, then this is bullish for silver (and potentially gold) as a ... Source: Seekingalpha.com

The Fed Has Spoken: No Bailout for Main Street

The Fed's low-interest facilities could have been used to restore local government credit, just as it was used to restore the credit of the banks. But Chairman Bernanke has now vetoed that plan. Why? It can hardly be argued that the Fed doesn't have the money. Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Does climate change explain the Roman Empire's fall?

The general point is that climate has affected agriculture, and agriculture has affected society. Particularly in places that lacked the technology to adapt. How and how much this has interacted with other trends is something for historians to continue ... Source: Washington Post

Gold Dome 2011: No vouchers, no money, less HOPE

Both Kaiser and Millar, a 12-year House veteran who has now joined the Senate, are very involved in education issues in the General Assembly ... school districts banked some of their stimulus money. “This does not depend on the state,” he said. Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

HALF the bills the average GOPer supports are for HCR repeal - the ONLY bills for 29 of 'em!

It should also be noted that there are no less than FIVE bills to eradicate the estate tax (that only impacts the more-money-than-God segment of our society) and there are literally SEVEN bills calling for a balanced federal budget. But, still: no jobs bills. Source: DAILY KOS

The Economists Forgive Themselves

It basically amounts to the government spending more money until ... refunding the interest payments to the government. If economists did their job, they would be pushing policies to quickly get the economy back to full employment. Instead they just repeat ... Source: Counter Punch

Rep. Mike Castle Fends Off the Birthers

A little evidence that this conspiracy theory is showing up in uncomfortable situations for Republicans: Here’s Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.), a moderate Republican who hasn’t announced whether he’s running for re-election or for the U.S. Senate next ... Source: The Washington Independent.com

Green Energy Opponents Are the Real Job Killers | The Nation

Already, companies like SunRun and Sun Edison are growing rapidly by converting homes and offices to solar with no money down, offering lower energy bills over twenty-year contracts. It's time we claimed our position as the true pro-growth forces, painting ... Source: Nation

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels stresses education reform in State of the State address | VIDEO

But that received a tepid response from the General Assembly, and Daniels stopped his speech ... stop collecting income taxes once the state has a 10 percent surplus of the money it needs for one year socked away in reserve accounts. Source: Evansville Courier-Press

Good news: Study confirms that college is pretty much a total waste of time

The one flaw in my theory: Er, there are no entry-level jobs out there for kids , are there? Source: Hotair.com