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5 Tech Things You Should Know #63: We Don't Need no Stinkin
KDE Plasma Netbook: drag and drop
CHIAVETTA x215s vista in gnome come banda larga mobile
Leprechaun In Tree(actual leprechaun fond)
Recording Session 1 (0625071803.3g2)
Photos from your Mobile to your Computer
Tmobile G2 Self-heals? More Augen Tablets! Multitouch, Jolicloud 1.1, Firefox on Android?
El abuelo està loco (WALT DISNEY)
Assemblaggio mobile pensile con spinatrice
Gnome fight
Age of Heroes II
Claro 3G no Mandriva Linux 2009.0
Ubuntu Moblin Remix 9.10 Preview
Molinux 5.0 - Gnote
Molinux 5.0 - Sabio Frestón
Gamestop employee before the WoW Cataclysm release
Wavelet menu
Install Mobile Media Converter on 64bit - Ubuntu 10.04
Travelocity Roaming Gnome in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado with Casey
The Strongest Man in the World
Happy Birthday
Multiseat Ubuntu six users
Dog Afraid/ Intrigued by Music Box
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walshy's gnome mobile
sgl G-Nomes
gnome-mobile at urban outfitters georgetown
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GNOME 3 Official Website Launches

It's several months behind schedule, but GNOME 3 is getting closer to becoming reality. While we're still a few months away from the planned release date, the GNOME project team launched the GNOME 3 website showcasing the core features and focus areas as ... Source: Softpedia

Intel CEO Paul Otellini addresses Microsoft's ARM move in the wake of record earnings announcement

We're kind of getting used to Intel setting records with its earnings this year, and it capped off its 2010 with another killer quarter. With $11.5 billion in revenue, and a total of $43.6 billion for the year (up 24 percent from last year), Intel is ... Source: engadget

GTimeLog - a Simple Time Logging Application for GNOME Linux

I've tried out any number of time tracking utilities. Some of them are very advanced, and are able to monitor exactly which applications you're using, if you are active in those applications (staring at a website or blank word processing document doesn't ... Source: Associated Content

Sending a job to the background and back to the foreground in Linux

From the Linux command line you can send a running job into the background which will return your bash prompt to you. You might need that prompt to quickly run another command, or you might just want to let that command run in the background for a while ... Source: Ghacks Technology News

Cisco: Java Attacks on the Rise As Spam Declines

For years, the scourge of the Internet has been ever increasing volumes of spam that clog inboxes around the world. According to a new report from Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO), 2010 was the first year on record that spam volumes actually declined. Cisco’s report ... Source: Datamation

Mix Bowling and Pool with the game of Knokkers (yeah, that’s what it’s called)

This is a game called Knokkers, and yes, I realize that sounds like a vulgar name for certain female body parts, but I want you to put that out of your mind. Completely out of your mind. Now, put into your mind some very manly sports of bowling and pool ... Source: Coolest Gadgets

Ecological Sanitation: save the precious water

Our world now faces a huge water crisis. I'm sharing here some work that helps especially poor and isolated peoples to maintain sanitation while conserving limited potable water. He is promoting Ecological Sanitation EcoSan. You can find on his blog info ... Source: LJWORLD

XBLIG 2010: The Best And The Worst

Garden Gnome Carnage : There's indie games and then there's indie ... especially since developers can now target Win Mobile 7 phones - and XNA may even get Kinect support, which would offer more opportunities. However, for the love of my sanity, can ... Source: Gamasutra

Grading the Vols: End-of-season report card

There are no grades for potential. If there were, Tennessee might be near the head of the class. There aren't grades for half of a season, either. If there were, the Vols could either have flunked out or had near perfect marks. Taken as a whole, Derek ... Source: GoVolsXtra

"Out on a Limb" Opens at The Children's Museum of Memphis

The individual components, Whirlwind, Light Play, Forest Jam and Gnome Home , further enhance the magical scenery and are tools to enhance exploration. For example, individual activities encourage children to experiment with light and shadow, patterns of ... Source: Earthtimes