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Tosin Abasi - Animals As Leaders: GuitarMessenger.com Masterclass Part 1 (Tapping & CAFO)
I'm In His Safety - Lecresia Campbell & By Faith Singers
Dick Dale
Sanity Not Included - Ep9 (Halo, Mario Galaxy, MW2, Smash Bros, Gears of War, Zelda, RDR, DK Country)
Guns 'n' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine (Tomi Paldanius)
The Writer - Ellie Goulding - Cover by ortoPilot
Never Shout Never Interview Christofer Drew UNCUT 2010
AR-101 • Beginners Guide To Arpeggios (Guitar Lesson)
Peter Gabriel Here Comes the Flood on Guitar Center Sessions
Extraneous Lyrics
Machinima Today 12/22/2009 (Machinima News/Videos/Directors' Spotlight) S1E21
Allison Weiss - Fingers Crossed (Official Video)
Dirty Heads - Lay Me Down feat. Rome of Sublime w/ Rome - acoustic guitar lesson
Jack Johnson - Do you remember - How to Play on Acoustic Guitar lesson - tutorial
The TV Theme Medley (FreddeGredde)
Guitar Lessons - Chords and Rhythm - Led Zeppelin - Jimmy Page Guitar Technique - Gibson Les Paul
Never Shout Never Interview Christofer Drew AP Tour 2010
Johnny Cash - 'Hurt
Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton - Something (Concert for George) (HQ)
(Yiruma) River Flows in You - Sungha Jung
Blue Man Group - I Feel Love
Dire Straits - Private Investigations LIVE (On the Night, 1993) HD
John Butler Trio - Ocean (Live at Federation Square)
Ma rk Knopfler Showing his magic on an acoustic guitar
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Taylro Guitar 410CE
me with my guitar
D-lab tube VOX AC4 guitar amplifier
Pipa amp Guitar - Zhao Cong
guitar fish
bad habitt'
New Palor Guitar
circa 1900 oak guitar
guitar hero 2
guitar avie 1
Dad's Guitar
Guitar pose
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Riffing on the Guitar as Only Picasso Could

“It’s nothing, it’s the guitar!,” Picasso said in 1913, when outraged readers of the avant-garde journal Soirées de Paris sought an explanation of photographs of his constructions made from wood, cardboard, paper and string. Were they paintings or ... Source: New York Times

The history behind cigar box guitars

HUNTSVILLE, AL. - About five years ago, Bill Jehle decided to build the perfect electric guitar. Dissatisfied with all of his equipment, Jehle began to take note of certain features in his dozen or so guitars: the curve of this guitar’s body, the ... Source: Everything Alabama Blog

New Book Examines the Success of The Guitar Wall

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 19, 2011 – Zapoppin Media has announced the publication of a new book, The Guitar Wall Guide by Jeffrey D Brown. The book is subtitled “The Official Source Book for The Guitar Wall” and provides the reader with both an ... Source: PRLog (free press release)

New Book Examines the Life and Times of The Guitar Wall

Zapoppin Media releases new book by Jeffrey D Brown, the creator of The Guitar Wall. Huntington Beach, CA, January 19, 2011 --( PR.com )-- Zapoppin Media has announced the publication of a new book, The Guitar Wall Guide by Jeffrey D Brown. The book is ... Source: PR.com

What's a cigar box guitar?

HUNTSVILLE, AL. - What is a cigar box guitar? Technically, it’s a discarded cigar box with a hole for a 1-inch-by-2-inch fretboard. A hodgepodge of random items. Perhaps with a leather cord attached as a makeshift shoulder strap. But the appeal of cigar ... Source: Everything Alabama Blog

Jets-Steelers is the game to see

His glass is always half-full, and I appreciate that.’’ Cue the acoustic-guitar solo and start singing ‘‘Kumbaya’’? Not even close. Jets-Steelers week has been the ultimate display of gamesmanship on both sides. Make no mistake about it, the te ... Source: Chicago Sun-Times

The Grateful Dead Will Delve Into the World of Online Gaming

Even though the gamemakers have access to names and likenesses of all the Grateful Dead band members as well as its vault of audio recordings, video, photos and artwork, don't expect a music game like Guitar Hero: Metallica or Green Day: Rock Band. Source: ABC News

Head for the Inner Banks this Friday

It helps that Gould is a multi-instrumentalist who can play banjo with the best of them, as well as bass and guitar. Their recordings also have been known to incorporate such diverse sounds as field recordings from Coney Island, distressed tape loops ... Source: New York Post

The Dismemberment Plan: Back In Business

In an interview with Weekend Edition Sunday host Liane Hansen, Caddell says that revisiting these old songs has reminded him of his old guitar style. "There are a thousand little details that you don't ever notice about your playing and your communication ... Source: NPR News

Where the markers are red and the censors well-fed

Except that none was to be had. But someone had consigned a brand new Fender mandolin that actually was worth only a bit less than the guitar, and we had a deal worthy of Scott Boras. That should have been the end of it, but even when I am idly ... Source: Boston Globe