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Opening To The Hobbit 1996 VHS
The Hobbit: Chapter 8: A Warm Welcome (3/4)
A Day in the Life of a Hobbit - Part 1 of 2 - Greek Subtitles
taking the hobbits to isengard
The Book of Bilbo and Gandalf: Steve Hackett , John Hackett , Pär Lindh & Marco Lo Muscio
Greatest Adventure
Super Hobbit Plays Bomberman 64 - Part 6
The Hobbit part 8
My opinions and thoughts if you're interested...Another Response to the Hutch.
Wellington Rally of Hope to support filming of The Hobbit in New Zealand
Modern hobbit house: a tiny cob home
SPELLFURY Episode 12 - Out of the frying pan ...
Sean Astin - There and back again
The Hobbit - 1974 Argo Records Adaptation - Part 13
Peter Jackson Sets the Record Straight on The Hobbit
John Cena Triple H and Randy Orton Promo Hobbit
Playing the Hobbit Theme on Zelda 64
Close Up: Boycott threatens Jackson's Hobbit
The Hobbit: Chapter 6: Flies and Spiders (3/5)
The Call: A Hobbit Journey, LotRO Machinima
The Hobbit (1977) Part 3
THE HOBBIT | Finally Greenlit!
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Hobbit of CoC
Hobbit the ACF
Hobbit of CoC
The Hobbit
Hobbit of CoC
Hobbit of CoC
Hobbit of CoC
The Hobbit
the hobbit
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The Hobbit's rocky road

It has taken a long time for The Hobbit to reach the filming stage, and Sir Peter Jackson is under immense pressure to make it a success. For a while it seemed the two movies might never be made as MGM Studio, which holds the rights, teetered on the verge ... Source: Stuff

Director Peter Jackson's ulcer surgery delays production on 'The Hobbit'

Filming of the widely-anticipated "Hobbit" movies will be delayed because director Peter Jackson is recovering from surgery for a perforated ulcer, a spokeswoman said on Thursday. "Sir Peter is currently resting comfortably and his doctors expect him to ... Source: New York Daily News

The Hobbit: March 21 Starts Filming

Filming will begin on the long-awaited "Hobbit" movies next month, ending extended delays due to a series of woes including funding problems and a labor dispute which nearly saw the project shifted out of New Zealand. The two films are being directed by ... Source: Post Chronicle

Fingers Crossed! The Hobbit Scheduled to Begin Filming in March

Bilbo Baggins has been ready for his close-up for quite some time. Now it looks like he's finally going to get it. It has just been announced that cameras will begin rolling on The Hobbit next month—March 21 to be exact! In a statement released by his ... Source: Entertainment Online

The Hobbit’ Officially Begins Filming In March

Peter Jackson will officially begin shooting his two-part, 3D adaptation of ‘The Hobbit’ on March 21st, 2011. Principal photography on the 3D, two-part adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkein’s preqeul to his epic Lord of the Rings trilogy is officially set to ... Source: Screenrant.com

Another Delay for ‘The Hobbit’ as Jackson Recovers From Ulcer Surgery

If you’d recently taken on the weighty assignment of directing two movies adapted from J. R. R. Tolkien ’s “Hobbit,” then defended that project during a potentially catastrophic labor crisis, you might be under some stress, too. So have sympathy ... Source: New York Times Blogs

Peter Jackson delays 'The Hobbit' due to illness

Peter Jackson has had to delay shooting of The Hobbit due to a personal illness. The Academy Award-winning director was admitted to New Zealand's Wellington Hospital last night after reportedly suffering severe stomach pains. The result of this hospital ... Source: Gather.com

Peter Jackson Recovering From Surgery; The Hobbit To Be Postponed?

Director Peter Jackson has undergone surgery for a perforated ulcer after he was admitted to hospital with acute stomach pains on Wednesday (26Jan11). The moviemaker, who is in his native New Zealand, began suffering discomfort earlier this week ... Source: Post Chronicle

Peter Jackson's Hobbit Lives: Filming Starts in March

Yes, the Hobbit will finally be made into a live-action film (two movies, actually), directed by Peter Jackson, the same directing genius who brought us the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It seemed for a while that Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson's ... Source: Associated Content

Finally, The Hobbit set to film in March

"Despite some delays we are fully back on track and very excited to get started," Jackson, now the film's director, said in a statement issued by his production company, 3Foot7 Ltd. The statement continued: "This date has been chosen following practical ... Source: The Guardian