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The Vampire Diaries "Crying Wolf" Season 2 Episode 14 Recap

He said he got suspicious when Mason was hanging out with hot vampire chick "Kathy." Tyler showed up and asked why they were all still in town when they were warned to leave. Brady manipulated Tyler by telling him about the sun/moon curse, needing the ... Source: Associated Content

Farrah Fawcett's swimsuit hits the big time

They're found not only on bedroom walls but also on countless cable channels and deep inside the hard drives of anyone who can type "hot chick" into a search engine. They're not just models and actresses but socialites and reality stars and people who don ... Source: Chicago Tribune

Rene Verdon dies at 86; White House chef for the Kennedys

A request for "cold chick pea soup," which Verdon considered "already bad hot," sent the chef over the edge. He quit in protest in late 1965. Verdon, who later opened the noted restaurant Le Trianon in San Francisco, died Feb. 2 of leukemia at a hospice in ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Bitch-Back! Are the Glee Boys as Vicey as They Look?

Since we all know that Kristen is a loyal chick. As I continuously complain ... Or at least we hope, for his hot GF's sake. Doubt he would ef this one up. She's too into him (and too hot) to care what he does for now. They are pretty much hand-holding and ... Source: Entertainment Online

Jeff Fisher: The Former Tennessee Titans Coach Has Reason To Be Relieved

When the New England Patriots traded Randy Moss , Bill Simmons responded by comparing Randy Moss to a “crazy hot chick." That analogy is a work of art, forget the fact that Simmons is one of my favorite writers. They were once such a happy couple. Source: Bleacherreport.com

Counter Culture: Sampling the menus of Old Town Auburn

That translates to imaginatively named and concocted sandwiches (Gouda Father, Pear Affair, Nothing Like a Hot Chick, $7.95 to $8.95), salads and an assortment of breakfast dishes and baked goods. The chocolate chip cookie was too doughy for our taste, but ... Source: Sacramento Bee

Michelle Malkin: Left’s attack on Chick-fil-A unmasks pleas for ‘civility’

I’m looking at you, New York Times. Chick-fil-A is an American success story. Founded by Georgian entrepreneur Truett Cathy in 1946, the family-owned chicken-sandwich chain is one of the country’s largest fast-food businesses. It employs some 50,000 U ... Source: Dayton Daily News

Nicki Minaj Hits SNL with "The Creep"

They intro'd the monster that is Nicki Minaj by chanting her name, leading to Minaj popping out in her usual quirky hot chick kind of way, with wild platinum blonde hair accented with a pink ribbon tied around, doing a light version of her trademark ... Source: Associated Content

A political legacy that's steeped in the bloodline

The classic sports car was a chick magnet, although the handsome ... Andrew asked often for the storied dish, a fiery blend of spaghetti, olives, anchovies, hot red pepper and lots and lots of garlic. "He had a good appetite," Schanz recalled, but Andrew's ... Source: Times Union

Can 'Georgetown' bring a bit of the 'O.C.' to D.C.?

Yes, Wednesday's news moved this project ahead incrementally from the reports last August that ABC had given Schwartz and producing partner Stephanie Savage a "put pilot order" on this hot-young ... committed suicide and a chick who lives each day to the ... Source: Washington Post