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(4) Michael Jackon 30th Anniversary Specail (Billie Jean) HD
We Are Not Armed!!! (3-6-10)
Le Mans 1969 Part 2 - Race
Four Hours In My Lai (4 of 7)
Gordon Lightfoot - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald lyrics
Double Down - Undergrad Records
Rives: Is 4 am the new midnight?
Pat Paulsen Editorials (Smothers Brothers Comedy Hr,1967/68)
Final 24: Last 24 Hours Of Tupac Shakur Part 2 (HQ)
The FAQ Video! - Please read the info box for ALL answers!
Marvel/DC: After Hours #6 (2 of 2)
Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special (2001) - Billie Jean (Special Edition) - HQ
Heart - Mistral Wind (live in Seattle, 2002)
Ron Paul Ripping The Truth at CPAC 02-19-10
(2) Michael Jackson 30th Anniversay Specail HD
3rd RFTS S06 E02- Fear and Loathing in Rutherford (1/3)
These small hours
The Totally Rad Show - JAMES FRANCO Arm-SEVER! - 127 Hours from Danny Boyle - REVIEW
The Next 48 Hours With Redman & Method Man - Pt3
48 Hours Mystery - Secrets In The Sand (Part 6/6)
Epic Rant: Vogter, Nuclear Night, Patriarchy, Porn you f**king name it!!
The Next 48 Hours With Redman & Method Man - Pt1
Golden Girls - 72 Hours 2/3
Philip Glass - Morning Passages
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0043 Unit 66 Shannon Cir - kitchen after many hours scrubbing cleaning removing crayon and other vandal marks painting and fixing 0111
2 hours old
3 Hours Downtime
where we slept for 11 hours
Online After Hours
All American
The Hours
Final assembly of the tube bender Yes it's mounted to the truck hitch Mobile cage building at its finest
DC After Hours
Basement full of junk Want some
Day 4
Not bad for the first bend
1 day 13 hours
11 hours before the trick
Cage pulled over to weld front down bars
Sweet gussets Aaron
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Interstate Remains Closed; Drivers Stranded on I-70 for Hours

To view the Image Gallery attached to this article, please upgrade your browser to Firefox, Chrome, or IE 8. FREDERICK, MD - Interstate 70 has been closed near the Myersville exit in Frederick County for hours now because of Wednesday night's snow ... Source: WHAG

Wisconsin man survives hours buried in snow

M ILWAUKEE — A Wisconsin man who spent four hours buried at the end of his driveway in more than two feet of snow after going to his mailbox during this week’s blizzard says he just closed his eyes and wondered if it would be the day he died. In ... Source: Boston Herald

SWAT team breaks in, arrests man in Barnegat Township standoff that caused roads to be closed for hours

BARNEGAT TOWNSHIP - A man who barricaded himself at 9:30 Monday night at his Old Main Shore Road home is in custody after the Ocean County SWAT Team forced entry into the home before 12:30 a.m., police said. Barnegat Township police Lt. Keith Germain ... Source: Atlantic City Press

Reports: Deputies ran check on Clemmons hours before 4 officers slain

Less than eight hours before Maurice Clemmons opened fire in a coffee shop, killing four Lakewood police officers, a pair of Pierce County sheriff's deputies crossed paths with him while on routine patrol. One of the deputies, familiar with Clemmons, even ... Source: Longview Daily News

All-New Ford Focus Electric: The Most Maintenance-Free Ford Ever

No oil changes means Focus Electric drivers will save at least $450 and 7.5 hours over the life of the car Checking the tire pressure and filling the windshield washer fluid is about all most Focus Electric drivers will need to do When it comes to ... Source: Yahoo Finance

The Oscars - A Celebration of Food & Film: 1943 Best Picture - Casablanca, Pt. 3

Chicken, Barley and Yogurt Soup (serves 4): In a small bowl of warm water stir the barley and let soak 2 hours. Drain the barley, discarding any soaking liquid, and set the bowl aside. In a medium saucepan melt the butter over medium heat. Add the onion ... Source: Examiner

Things to Do in the Afternoon in Las Vegas

Shows that offer both afternoon and evening performances are usually cheaper in the afternoon. Many Las Vegas pools close in the early evening hours so if you plan to take a dip the afternoon may be your only choice. The heat can get to many visitors in ... Source: Associated Content

Cuban artists expose revival of racism on the island

Hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays, 1 to 5 p.m Sundays. Event: 4-6 p.m. Saturday -- guest curator Alejandro de la Fuente will sign copies of the exhibition catalog ($40 paper, $65 cloth); free admission Admission: $10, students $7, seniors $8 ... Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Final 3rd Quarter Numbers

However, job creation remains very sluggish. Most of the real growth in the economy has come from higher productivity, not more hours being worked. Those productivity gains are accruing to capital, not labor, and are a major reason behind the strong earnings growth. Source: Yahoo Finance

The story, stars behind the Chrysler Super Bowl ad

Traffic at the online car research site Edmunds.com shot up 267% for the Chrysler brand in the hours after the commercial aired -- and 1619% for the Chrysler 200. That's quite a comeback in interest for the updated replacement for the Chrysler Sebring ... Source: Detroit Free Press