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Stephen Curry interview on ROVE (2009)
GGN- Source: FBI Knew Austin Attack Was Coming
Glenn Beck Climbs into the Crazy Tree
Dalia Dippolito and the Confidential Informant
Cheap Fuel With Water Combined | Run Cars With Half Water Half Gas
The Lysine Cartel
The Sopranos - Favorite scene
WorldStarHipHop's Owner Works for The Government As An Informant
I got one more high left in me...
Sniper Elite Walkthrough HD Part1 - Meet the Informant
The Movies of 2009
Kurt Eichenwald - Structures of Corporate Scadal (HCCA Compliance Institute)
9/11: FBI audio of both WTC plane crashes (WNBC)
2010 Inside Secret Government Warehouses Shocking Revelations 3/9
The Wii Informant - Grand Slam Tennis Review Video Supplement
Biometric ID, OKC Repeating, CNN News Fail - Sunday Update
Alex Jones Tv 5/6: World Exclusive Source: FBI Knew Austin Attack Was Coming!!
Medical Marijuana Grow Lights Returned to Marlowes
Pocket Informant to GCal Sync
Matt Damon Interview Bourne Identity The Informant Invictus
The Alex Jones Show Thu 02.18.2010 special edition (TV) part-4
Matt Damon - The Informant Interview
David Pastorius and Local 518 The Informant
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The Informant
The informant
in this ledgemeet informant
Pro Informant
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Radio informant
bullerwell informant
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The informant
Lianna Zeltron Informant
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The Informant
Janice continues her FBI informant look
Mysteryous Stranger informant 2
Don Christopher and William McInnes in 'The Informant' 2008 Network Ten
the informant
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Is the seriocomedy in danger of extinction?

Some may be inclined to read the soft results for "The Dilemma," the Vince Vaughn-Kevin James movie that opened to $21 million over the holiday weekend, as evidence of the waning power of its stars, or perhaps the diminished appeal of the bromance. But ... Source: Los Angeles Times

SWITZERLAND DAYBOOK: Wikileaks Informant Is Arrested in Zurich

Rudolf Elmer, the Swiss ex-banker who handed over client data to Wikileak’s Julian Assange this week, was arrested in Zurich yesterday evening as prosecutors investigate possible breaches of banking secrecy laws. Elmer, a former employee of Julius Baer ... Source: Bloomberg

The Watchdogs: Reputed drug kingpin played the City Hall game

Among Rodriguez’s alleged partners in crime was Lewellen, 54, a Chicago police narcotics officer when he recruited Rodriguez as an informant, officials say. The city paid Rodriguez a total of more than $700,000 for information that led to the seizures of ... Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Murder City: The doomed life of Aiyana, Part 1

Thirty-four hours earlier, Je'Rean Blake Nobles, 17 years old, had been shot outside a liquor store on nearby Mack Avenue; an informant had ID'd a man named Chauncey Owens as the shooter and provided this address. The SWAT team tried the steel door to the building. Source: Detroit News


Breaking News this morning: One of the two men who tackled and apprehended Loughner, was carrying concealed. He was on Fox News in an interview and he said he feels safer being able to carry concealed, and that this incident "reinforces" that belief. He ... Source: Gather.com

After The Tragedy: An American Conversation Continued

In an emotional town hall event on "This Week," anchor Christiane Amanpour gathered together – for the first time since the tragic shooting – many of those who were in the Safeway parking lot on that fateful day when Rep. Gabriel Giffords, D-AZ, and 18 ... Source: ABC News

It's the end of the line for 116-year-old depot

W.C. Handy once played the blues on the wooden platform of the train depot in Dundee, Miss., as crowds danced to his music. On Wednesday, the 116-year-old depot reclaimed its blues heritage as it was moved to its new home in Tunica. It will be restored to ... Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

The trick that hurt Nixon

In one of the least-known chapters of 20th-century political history, Kennedy operatives secretly paid off an informant and set in motion a Watergate-like burglary that sabotaged Nixon's campaign on the eve of the election. Confidential documents revealed ... Source: Times Union

Patton Oswalt Talks Sarah Palin's Future, Disappointment In Obama & Why All The Animals Are Dying (VIDEO)

In addition to his stand-up work, Oswalt has turned in some impressive roles as an actor ("Big Fan," "Ratatouille," "The Informant!"), and this week released his first book, a memoir entitled " Zombie Spaceship Wasteland " (Scribner, $24). Taking time out ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

The death penalty in Illinois, a partial chronology of modern events

Jan. 18: Steve Manning, a former Chicago cop sentenced to death on the word of a jailhouse informant, becomes the state's 13th exonerated Death Row prisoner. Jan. 24: The Tribune reports that Gino DiVito "has yet to producea report of his findings, and ... Source: Chicago Tribune (blog)