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Amber Heard Informers Icons
Amber Heard Informers Icons
informers 2009
the informers
The Informers
The Informers (2009)
The Informers (2009)
The Informers
Informers cover 1
the informers
The Informers
The Informers
The Informers OST
Amber Heard Informers Icons
Jon Foster - The Informers
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A Sudden Tear in Fabric of the Arab World

The violent events that reached a climax in Tunis on Friday aren’t just the first full-fledged popular revolution the world has seen in some time – they’re a sudden tear in the fabric of the Arab world, an irreparable rupture in the slick logic that ... Source: RealClearPolitics

The tyrant must go….Now

The entire country reached the verge of dilapidation. The regime also deployed tens of thousands of informers and secret agents in every corner and cranny of the country, sowing mistrust, suspicion and fear. As to the West, which keeps babbling about ... Source: The People's Voice

WikiLeaks subpoenas spill into the public realm

U.S. officials say posting the military documents put informers' lives at risk, and that revealing diplomatic cables has made other countries reluctant to deal with American officials. WikiLeaks denies that its postings put any lives at risk and says ... Source: Eagle-Tribune

2010 was the bloodiest year in red zone

Last year, they killed 285 policemen and more than over 700 civilians, mostly impoverished tribals and villagers who had either challenged the guerrillas or were branded as police informers. The increase in violence comes in the backdrop of the first ... Source: Hindustan Times

The Hole In The Heart

O n January 14, a Supreme Court bench of Justices Aftab Alam and R.M. Lodha heard two petitions filed by lawyer Prashant Bhushan on the death of Maoist leader Cherukuri Azad Rajkumar in an alleged encounter killing. After hearing the petitions, the judges ... Source: Outlook India

The Resurrection of Winona Ryder

Back in the 1990s, Winona Ryder was the celebrity crush for many young men, none more so than I. Pfeiffer, Moore and Roberts were her A-list contemporaries and had their own charms, but Ryder was the cool, nymph-like waif who floated above all others. In ... Source: Special Broadcasting Service

Today’s Iraqi informers replicate the infamous role of their counterparts under Saddam Hussein

The Iraqi parliament is debating the role secret intelligence agents play in the current Iraqi political scene. These agents are euphemistically called informers, the appellation the former regime of Saddam Hussein also used. The issue of secret ... Source: Azzaman Iraqi Newspaper

Spain: the people’s war to stub out conformism

Pinning rebellious tracts to their doors and daring the police to arrest them: behold Spanish bar-owners’ ‘insubmission’ to the smoking ban. As in 1936, a battle is playing out in Spain that resounds beyond her borders. On one side are the government ... Source: Spiked

Tunisia protests: 'The fear has gone … I've been waiting 20 years for today'

For the first time – in a state where there is estimated to be one police officer for every 40 adults, two thirds of them in plain clothes, and people are afraid of even discussing politics in private for the informers on every corner – people took to ... Source: The Guardian

Inside stories: The art of infiltration

Speaking from his secret sanctuary in America, PC Mark Kennedy begged a green activist for forgiveness after being exposed as an undercover police officer who had been busily reporting the plans of his environmental campaigner colleagues to Scotland Yard ... Source: The Independent