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John Hodgman signs for fans at The Invention of Lying
Bobby Flay - Signing Autographs at 'Invention of Lying' Premiere in NYC
The Invention of Lying Full Movie Online part 1
Ricky on Jonathan Ross - Sep 2009 - Part Two
Ricky Gervais on Graham Norton - 5th October - Part Three
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Amy Sedaris - Signing Autographs at 'Invention of Lying' Premiere in NYC
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Invention of Lying...ect..
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What's The T? 27: The Invention Of Lying
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The Invention Of Lying - Blu-ray Review
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The Invention of Lying
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Informant faces defense in Cuban militant's trial

EL PASO, Texas - An ex-CIA operative accused of lying during federal immigration hearings was worried even as he sneaked into the U.S. that interviews he gave to The New York Times on bombings in Cuba would cause problems for him with American authorities ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Prosecutors' star witness taking stand for fourth day in trial of anti-Castro militant Posada

To the defense, Abascal is little more than a tax cheat with a history of mental problems ... Posada, 82, is accused of lying during immigration hearings in El Paso about how he got to the U.S. and about his involvement in a series of 1997 bombings in Cuba ... Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

The do's and don'ts of burnishing an online image

Yet, finding that someone special through a dating website doesn't result from artful lying, says Evan Marc Katz, 38, a dating coach in suburban Los Angeles and founder of E-Cyrano.com, a dating profile-writing service. Big lies sabotage the chances for a ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Paul Ryan's State Of The Union Rebuttal: The Best They Got?

Paul Ryan delivered a heck of a rebuttal tonight, especially if you wanted to make one of those "Sarah Palin breathing" videos. But as far as the facts -- on taxes, stimulus, and health care reform -- go, a lot of Ryan's rebuttal came rebutted-back in ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Where was Obama the centrist in his State of the Union?

If you were expecting a moderate Obama or a bold Obama, you were disappointed, most likely, by Tuesday's State of the Union Address. In a nutshell: Obama proposed a ton of new domestic spending, promised to freeze discretionary spending (attained by ... Source: Washington Post

State of the Union 2011: Lawmakers Cross Aisle, Sit Together, Make History

Members of Congress have sat divided by party at State of the Union addresses for the past 100 years. But tonight dozens of lawmakers cast history and tradition aside with a mixed seating arrangement meant to symbolize a renewed commitment to civility and bipartisanship. Source: ABC News

State Of The Union Advice From 43 Guys In The Know

When President Obama takes the stage at the U.S. Capitol to deliver his second State of the Union address Tuesday night, he can look to history — and his predecessors — for a few lessons. "He's in a classic situation of trying to rebound from a serious ... Source: NPR News

Jacqueline Kennedy's pink hat is a missing piece of history

It's said that history takes a generation to decant ... just like a drift of blossoms, lying on the back seat." Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent assigned to protect the first lady, remembered resting his hands on the suit's trembling shoulders, the ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Michele Bachmann responds to State of the Union address

But, instead of cutting, we saw an unprecedented explosion of government spending and debt at President Obama’s direction; unlike anything we have seen in the history of our country.” Bachmann’s decision to provide the tea party rebuttal to the ... Source: Politico.com

Tiger Woods, ready for a fresh start, reminded of recent failures on the course

What people lose touch of, because we're such a bandwagon society, is that for a decade there, it might have been one of the greatest 10-year runs in the history of athletics. Obviously, he struggled last year. But I look forward to watching him compete." Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune