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The Seaside Defied
Roberto Doati Vivrete una settimana all'insegna della stabilità (2009)
Jonas Plays The Ipcress File
The Ipcress File (1965)
The Ipcress File - Alone Again
John Barry ~ Moonraker
Tee-Set - Early In The Morning.wmv
Bullet to Beijing (Michael Caine) missing dvd scenes
Shoutout for 1234567891217
rave Action and Hair show! -MENS FRENCH LINE CUT-
(Harry Saltzman) The Ipcress File 'PROMO'
The Ipcress File fragmento
Battle of culloden scotland
Truth TV World News-Texas-The Power of Nightmares The Rise of the Politics of Fear 2004
Billion Dollar Brain Interview Michael Caine
ipcress fish
Tee-Set - Believe What I Say.wmv
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ipcress file quad
The Ipcress File
Major Dalby
ipcress file
Mystery actor in 'The Ipcress File' 2
Scene from 'The Ipcress File' - 2
Scene from 'The Ipcress File' - 3
Scene from 'The Ipcress File' - 1
Nigel Green 1
The Ipcress file amp Brief encounters
The Ipcress File
The Ipcress File
Mystery actor in 'The Ipcress File' - 3
Peter Ashmore 1
The Ipcress File
ipcress file
The Ipcress File
ipcress file
Mystery actor in 'The Ipcress File'
Scene from 'The Ipcress File' - 4
Ipcress File
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Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz Are Ideal Choices for the 'Gambit' Remake

Murphy's Law goes into effect and Harry has to really think on his feet to pull off this caper. Coming off his secret agent successes in " The Ipcress File " and " Funeral in Berlin ," Caine had the pretty boy looks and charm in the 1960's to pull off the ... Source: Associated Content

John Barry: The composer who was as pop as the Beatles

Once The Ipcress File reached cinemas this Hungarian hammered dulcimer, played by Barry's friend John Leach, became the definitive sound of the cold war. I interviewed Barry in his Cadogan Square flat around 10 years ago. His reputation was prickly and, as ... Source: The Guardian

Diary: What's the score, Barry?

Barry had written the score for one Caine hit, Zulu, and was due to write another for The Ipcress File. But Caine hadn't reckoned with his host's nocturnal work habits. "One night I got no sleep at all as, over and over again for hours on end, right until ... Source: The Independent

John Barry: Composer and songwriter who won five Oscars and scored 11 of the James Bond films

He won five Oscars as well as four Grammys, and his distinctive music was a key part of the James Bond films. His music for The Ipcress File (1965) was praised by its star, Michael Caine, who looked at his thin frame and remarked, "How does he do it? Source: The Independent

Sound check: Treme is The Wire - with trombones!

Download store 7digital seems to be offering the biggest bargain with The Collection, 55 tracks including Midnight Cowboy, The Ipcress File and The James Bond Theme for £7.49. Source: Evening Standard

Score of soundtracks of note for the music man behind 007

He was 77. Barry's work covered a huge variety of moods, from the epic sweeping style of the score for Zulu (1964) to blues and jazz themes for The Chase (1966) and The Cotton Club (1984), to the shivery, sinister music for The Ipcress File (1965). Source: WA today


The English-born ­genius also wrote the music for Zulu, The Ipcress File, Midnight Cowboy, Out Of Africa and Dances With Wolves. Lyricist Sir Tim Rice, who worked with him on Octopussy, said: “Film brought out the very best in him. He was able to catch ... Source: Daily Express

John Barry, Bond films' man with the golden musical touch, dies aged 77

Among the other notable films he worked on were The Ipcress File, Body Heat and The Cotton Club. He received the Bafta fellowship in 2005 in recognition of his services to film music. Barry also worked on a number of television themes and later in his ... Source: The Guardian

York-born composer Barry dies (From The Northern Echo)

Other major film scores included Zulu, The Ipcress File and Midnight Cowboy. A statement released by his family said: "It is with great sadness that the family of composer John Barry announce his passing on the 30th of January 2011 in New York." Source: The Northern Echo

Cameron Diaz, Colin Firth in Coen Bros.' version of 'Gambit'

Shirley Maclaine had seen me in 'The Ipcress File'...she had chosen me for her next film, 'Gambit.'" This 1966 heist movie was laden with good karma. It launched Caine into Hollywood and was the first film cowritten by Alvin Sargent, who went on to write ... Source: Weblogs.baltimoresun.com