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The Jerk Theory (Tell me its ok cover)
Tell Me its Okay cover, harmonics added
Shing02-Start again(az Remix)
Medal of Honor Cutscenes Part 1
NoAgenda #64 Adam Curry John C. Dvorak Coke Pork conspiracy
Radio na fali / The Boat That Rocked (2009) trailer
How NOT to Jerk! By Madisson Martin
Forrester High Guilty Conscience
Josh Henderson - The Jerk Theory Song
podryw na głupka
How to Christmas Like a Man
Promo Demo The Jerk Theory by Locomotives,single on DEBUT album.wmv
Evil Nutcrackers
Your a jerk (R3stlessTh3ory Cover)
Live And Let Livia #19 9/11 Never Happened
Why Girls Like Jerks
GetCha Paper Boy Chillini' ft. The Party Boyz
A Tribe Called Quest - Excursions (Drum Cover)
Vid 2: 1992 Quad Runner 230 Having Carburetor Problems? Hard time idleing
FOTA-spiracy Video Journal: Entry 1
Blue moon - A Demi/Selena Story Ch.1 [READ DESCRIPTION BOX FOR THE STORY]
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Jerk Theory
The Jerk Theory
Jerk Theory Poster
The Jerk Theory
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Kanye West as deal-breaker? The polarizing rapper generates a Coachella revolt

Reader dockevoc urges upset festival-goers to “try listening to the album before you bash Kanye...Quentin Tarantino is a [jerk] too but his movies are still sick...it's art, not real life.” Reader Kanyesnotspoilingmyfun looks at it more plainly. Source: Los Angeles Times

On the Need to Confront Internalized Homophobia and the Sabotage of LGBT Civil Rights

I know right out of the starting blocks that this post is going to offend a great many people, but I feel very strongly that many LGBT people are seriously sabotaging the cause for full and equal civil rights by referring to themselves by the use of ... Source: Associated Content

Keeping guns out of the hands of nuts: Great in theory, tough in practice

"The 22 year-old shooter in Tucson was not allowed to enlist in the military, was asked to leave school, and was considered "very disturbed" (according to former classmates), but that's not enough to keep someone from legally buying as many guns as they ... Source: The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)

Halle Berry's Ex to Judge: I'm The Daddy!

Halle Berry 's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry has filed legal documents asking a judge to officially declare him the daddy of 2-year-old Nahla. TMZ has learned Gabriel Aubry filed a paternity petition on December 30, 2010. Here's what we know.  Sources say ... Source: TMZ.com

After the Arizona shooting: coming together for gun control

As President Obama and other leaders try to pull the nation together in the aftermath of the Arizona shooting, Americans can also try to draw closer on a highly divisive issue related to the rampage: lack of gun controls in the United States. Debate on ... Source: YAHOO!

The Left Hypocritically Exploits Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' Shooting

Just hours after Saturday’s tragic shooting incident in Tucson, Arizona, numerous news sources on the left from CNN to the Huffington Post were casting blame upon Sarah Palin, Tea Parties, and Second Amendment supporters. Hoping the shooter had right ... Source: Town Hall

The Gabrielle Giffords conversation continues: Looking for meaning in Tucson

Gabrielle Giffords. Such was not the case when the news broke on Saturday; message boards were flooded with knee-jerk accusations before any facts were released . Elsewhere in our pages, the editorial board points to two lessons we can learn from the Giffords tragedy. Source: Los Angeles Times

Hero-bystander theory simply bunk

In his column last Sunday, Mark Moritz makes clear a common fantasy of the anti-gun-control crowd: the hero-bystander theory ("Grief is no time for knee-jerk statutes," Viewpoints). Moritz explains that if more people carried guns, "when the gunman started ... Source: AZCentral.com

The Benefits of Fever

A child sick with fever is cause for concern for any parent. Confusion about what constitutes a “dangerous” body temperature and the proper dosing of fever medicines only adds to the anxiety. But as Dr. Perri Klass, a pediatrician, writes in this week ... Source: New York Times Blogs

20 romantic restaurants in the Phoenix area (by region)

Test that theory while you munch on your bird ($23 ... Maybe you'd like to share the brown-sugar and jerk-pork sliders, with Gouda, watercress and jicama slaw, $10. Or maybe you can whisper sweet nothings over the butternut squash and corn enchiladas, with ... Source: AZCentral.com