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Crossroads Guitar Duel - Steve Vai battles Karate Kid
The Karate Kid Behind-the-Scenes Footage Part 2
The Karate Kid Behind-the-Scenes Footage Part 3
Tim and Dan perform Karate Kid
New Clip - Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith - The Karate Kid - In Theaters 6/11!
Jaden Smith Surprises Ellen with His 'Karate Kid' Moves!
Let's Play Karate Kid 1: Levels 1-3
The Karate Kid ShoWest Awards Presentation
Legion of superheroes: Karate Kid Part 3
James Horner - Suite from the Motion Picture Score THE KARATE KID (2010)
FELONY FIGHTS 6.6 WHITE SKINHEAD vs. Karate Kid! eats his face!
Karate Kid Review (New 2010 Remake with Jaden Smith in China)
Interview With Will And Jaden Smith
the karate kid 2 part 7
Karate Kid 1 - Per Vincere Domani [parte2]
3 Xarites - Karate Kid pt.2
Karate Kid Kyell 2 year old ninja
Karate Kid full
Jaden Smith Interview: The Karate Kid
Karate Kid with life bars
steve vai vs van halen vs karate kid vs paul gilbert vs michael batio vs ygnwie
The Karate Kid 2 Full Movie Online Part 1
Karate Kid
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Bam the Karate Kid
The Karate Kid 2010
karate kid
Karate Kid
Karate Kid
karate kid
Karate Kid
patrick karate kid
Karate kid
Karate kid
Karate Kid
the karate kid
Karate Kid
Karate Kid
karate kid
The Karate Kid
Karate Kid The
Karate kid
karate kid
WaxOn WaxOff
karate kid
karate kid
Karate Kid
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For Grownups, the Other Awards

Whether to honor "Toy Story 3" or the reboot of "The Karate Kid" provided "one of our biggest debates," Ms. Graham added. "We felt 'Karate Kid' was a little bit fresher." Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the International 3D Society will celebrate three ... Source: Wall Street Journal

The Karate Kid Remake

Don't you just love a movie that stays with you after you watch it? The Karate Kid original was a movie that shaped my generation and it was a pleasure tonite to watch the remake with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Both actors did an excellent job of making ... Source: Salon

The 10 Things to Talk About This Weekend

Ice and snOMG! 6. Oscar heat-gatherer “The King’s Speech.” Cinematic gem, or “The Karate Kid” for royals? 7. Senator Bernard Sanders plans to publish a book version of his filibuster . Perfect for filibustering your kids to sleep. 8. Haruki ... Source: New York Times

On Tonight: The Truth About Death Investigators, Heidi vs. Kids

They've saved some Super Bowl jokes for tonight's "Onion SportsDome" (Comedy Central, 10:30 p.m.). When it comes to martial arts, I'll tke Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon" (Encore, 8 p.m.) over Ralph Macchio in "The Karate Kid" (Encore, 10 p.m.). "V" (ABC ... Source: Hartford Courant (blog)

Will Smith, Jay-Z looking to revive musical 'Annie' for the big screen

First, Will Smith put his son, Jayden, in a remake of "The Karate Kid." Now the actor-producer is looking to create a star vehicle for his daughter, Willow, in the form of a new, big-screen version of the stage musical "Annie." Rumors of Smith's "Annie ... Source: Los Angeles Times

2011: The Year Of Oscar Snubs

But it seems like he should get something for having the chutzpah to give it a try. Jackie Chan - The Karate Kid Chan could have easily replayed the ugly cinema trope of the wise, pliant Asian mystic . Instead, as Mr. Han, he fills out a role as friend and ... Source: NPR News

OSCAR Nominees 2011: The male acting categories

The most distant hope for a sentimental longshot belonged to Jackie Chan for The Karate Kid.  Pat Morita was awarded a nomination in the very same category for the original and Chan is even better, giving arguably the performance of his career. Source: Examiner

Willow Smith Set to Play in Annie; Is This Diana Ross and the Wiz All Over Again?

Then again it worked with her brother on a remake of The Karate Kid, and I did not support that movie and I have no interest in supporting this one. We need our own movies, not carefully selected movies from the vault that we can exploit because we are out ... Source: Associated Content

Keep an Eye on the Smiths

Will Smith was also the one who negotiated the remake of “The Karate Kid” which starred his other child, Jaden Smith. So apparently the Smiths are taking over Hollywood. With Willow turning out a hit like “Whip my Hair” at the age of nine and Jaden ... Source: Albany Times Union (blog)

Willow Smith: The Next Little Orphan Annie?

Considering big brother Jaden 's Karate Kid remake dominated at the box office, we should all probably prepare ourselves for this new take of the lovable orphan story to establish Willow as a legit superstar. But wait, she has a hit record and has done ... Source: Entertainment Online