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Noah's Ark Has Nothing on This California Forecast

It's a mega-storm that would measure rain in feet instead of inches. Playing off the Biblical story of Noah's ark, scientists say an Arkstorm is an every-other century occurrence. That might not be that far off once you look at the historical data. Source: msnbc.com

3rd candidate vies for Colorado Democratic Party chair | The Spot — Colorado politics and political news ...

As we work toward the 2012 election, it is imperative that we have a Chair who has the state and national contacts necessary to obtain the critical resources required to reelect President Obama and retake the ground we lost in the last electoral cycle. Source: Denver Post

10 places to beat the winter blues

With the seasons flipped, winter here in the Northern Hemisphere means that it’s as close to summer as it will ever be on the White Continent, and also the only time of year when voyaging to this last great ... interfere with flight safety What are you ... Source: msnbc.com

Winter weather slams the South with several inches of snow, slick roads, canceled flights

ATLANTA - Stranded vehicles littered roadsides at daybreak Monday as several inches of snow and sleet coated Atlanta and other parts of the South, freezing the morning commute in many areas and cancelling thousands of flights at the world's busiest airport. Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Atlas Shrugged” comes to the movies

a question appearing throughout Rand’s novel – has become a common theme at tea party rallies across the country as concerned Americans protested Big Government, as exemplified by last year’s federal health care law.  Sales of Atlas Shrugged have skyrocketed. Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

Birds on the wires: Cornell ornithologist explains recent die-offs

Last week, we read accounts of bird die ... There is evidence that the birds died by colliding with objects in flight, which is consistent with eyewitness accounts of birds crashing into mailboxes and other structures. They flew into things? Source: Syracuse Post-Standard

Laying down the 'Harry's Law'

During a Hollywood studio tour last fall, Kent and Wanda Richardson of Ross Township ... Kelley saw Cincinnati only once, laying over between flights while in college about 30 years ago. "As I said, it's not really a series about Cincinnati," he says. Source: Cincinnati.com

Online group implicated in stealing e-mail addresses of iPad users denies crime was committed

The counts each carry a five-year maximum prison sentence. Spitler, a bookstore security guard from San Francisco , and Auernheimer, who's from Fayetteville, Ark., are involved in a group known as Goatse Security, described in Tuesday's criminal complaint ... Source: Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Hewlett-Packard replaces a third of its board

Among the incidents were the firing of Hurd's predecessor Carly Fiorina in 2005, an episode of spying on journalists and board members' telephone calls in 2006, and finally the handling of allegations of sexual harassment against Hurd last year. Source: Times Union

'The Cape' premiere review: Will you commit to this new super-hero saga?

The Cape made its two-hour premiere on Sunday night, and I can almost hear the jeering derisiveness many of you probably feel toward a superhero show that’s not artily moody or grittily grim. Me, I welcome The Cape : It was fun, refreshingly free of ... Source: Entertainment Weekly