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Hans Zimmer - A Small Measure of Peace
old boy last waltz (osteriadellefanfole.splinder.com)
Orera - The Last Waltz
Veronica's Quinceanera
The Old Country Waltz- Neil Young cover
Ryan & Marissa Forever Young
Garden - Little Waltz - Basia Bulat
The Band - The Shape I'm In (Rock of Ages)
Guster's Last Waltz
The Last Waltz (Oldboy OST)
Dani Wilde Band - Mannish Boy
The Last Waltz (Oldboy) on accordion
The Shape I'm In / LEVON HELM BAND (2009 live)
The Weight-The Band & The Staples.MPG
Last waltz
The Shmenges - The Last Polka (Part 1)
The Band - Don't Do It
Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker (San Francisco Ballet)
Shim Hyun-Jung : The Last Waltz
Waltz of the graduates in the Last Bell 2007
Oldboy Piano - The Last Waltz
(Movie 'Oldboy') The Last Waltz (Mido's Theme) [cover]
Origami Last Waltzby Neal Elias (Part 3 of 5)
An Evening With Englebert - 1982
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LastWaltzATL3 - 49
Diane amp Kevin
Mark Kramer
LastWaltz1 - 20
awww last waltz
Benji Shanks
Mark amp Kris
Last Waltz
Last waltz
4 - The last waltz
Benji Erid amp Mark
Bill Evans: The Last Waltz (The Final Recordings)
LastWaltz2 - 01
LastWaltz2 - 12
LastWaltz1 - 03
Mark amp Kris
4 - The last waltz
4 - The last waltz
Dylan F
The Last Waltz
the Last Waltz
LastWaltzATL3 - 29
The Last Waltz
4 - The last waltz
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'The Last Waltz' kicks off Rock-U-Mentary film festival

The Rock-U-Mentary film festival in Owings Mills kicks off at 7:30 tonight with The Last Waltz , the movie that changed the face - including the ears - of rockumentaries forever. (The venue is the Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Jewish Community Center on the ... Source: Weblogs.baltimoresun.com

'The Social Network' to 'Spider-Man': Does Andrew Garfield always play the victim?

No, we're not talking about his being shut out of the Oscar nominations for supporting actor for his role in "The Social Network," nor his losing out to Christian Bale at the Golden Globes. Rather, Garfield seems to be the go-to star for casting agents ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Harvey Weinstein is back in the game with 'The King's Speech'

With the exception of "Inglourious Basterds," which was nominated for eight Oscars and grossed $313 million worldwide, the Weinsteins had been unable to recapture their previous glory (their two big Oscar hopefuls last year, "The Road" and "Nine," crashed and burned). Source: AZCentral.com

Song of the Day: 'Last Waltz Jam,' Neil Young, Ron Wood, Paul Butterfield, Levon Helm, Ringo Starr, Dr. John ...

Ok, it's not really a song. But the clip below is still a priceless document, showing a remarkable group of rock geniuses informally making music together. Is it great, timeless music? Admittedly, no. But it's still fun to watch these guys -- even at the ... Source: NJ.com

Jesse "The Body" Ventura Sues Homeland Security, TSA for Invasive Pat-Downs and Body Scans

MINNEAPOLIS (CBS/AP) Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler, sued the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration Monday, claiming full-body scans and pat-down at airport checkpoints violate ... Source: CBS News

Oregon State post-game: Who hit the snooze button at the start of the Civil War?

Robinson said he wouldn’t take the loss home and agonize over the last few possessions, or that numbing first 10 minutes. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t an emotional kick in the stomach. Again, Robinson spoke of confidence. “We have to act like a 7-2 ... Source: Oregonian

Across the Universe: Feel the Buzz

A quick 101 on 'The Green Hornet' " The Green Hornet " opened last Friday (Jan. 14) after a long, winding journey to the big screen that has taken literally decades and involved names like George Clooney , Mark Wahlberg , Jet Li and Jake Gyllenhaal , as ... Source: MSN Entertainment

"The Green Hornet" Grabs the Box Office, Nicole and Keith Welcome Baby and the New Spartacus

The movie would also star Hollywood pretty woman Cameron Diaz and the "Inglourious Basterds" star Christoph Waltz. 'The Green Hornet' film also stars Jay Chou playing Kato, the role once played by the inimitable Bruce Lee. Michel Gondry, who previously had ... Source: Associated Content

UPDATE: Christian Bale is the frontrunner for the role of Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower

UPDATE: Well, Deadline is saying that Bardem has been officially offered the role. That was quick. This immediately following the Bale news that everyone on the internet has been scrambling to post. Now everyone will be scrambling to report this new piece ... Source: JoBlo.com

The buzz was worth the wait

An uncredited James Franco ("127 Hours") has a hilarious cameo as a cocky crime lord. "The Green Hornet's" nemesis is Christoph Waltz, the Oscar-winning Austrian actor who chewed through every scene in Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds." Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune